12 Ultimate Website Builders for Real Estate Agents In 2022

12 Ultimate Website Builders for Real Estate Agents In 2022

Creating a user-friendly and professional website is the first step to strengthening your online presence, especially if you have a competitive line like real estate. Out of the very few options that pop up when searching for real estate agents on Google, your real estate website should stand out from the crowd. 

That’s where the best website builders for real estate agents come into play. Unlike generic websites, you need one that is easy to navigate, effortless to SEO optimize, and can nurture maximum leads for your real-estate business. To put you at ease, we’ve done our homework on finding the best real website builders for agents, keeping all the factors in mind. 

Best Real Estate Website Builders For Realtors

1. Placester

Looking for the best all-rounder real-estate website builder for your real-estate-specific website? Placester should be your go-to option. From mobile friendliness, affordability, benefits to navigation, it ticks all the boxes of an ideal real-estate website builder. 

We found Placester very impressive because of its personalized data exchange and IDX integration. The icing to the cake is that it shares strong bonds with Nar and offers a 25% discount to all its paid users. 

What We Like About Placester

  • Two excellent Agent Pro and Broker Pro plans 
  • An easy-to-use open house premium app
  • Advanced CRM software plus lead distribution and email marketing tools
  • 18 creative and user-friendly templates 
Pros Cons
18 mobile-responsive  templates Restricted customer service hours
Includes IDX listings and modern CRM software No free plan is available
Affordable pricing and 30 day Free Plan


Placester offers quite a flexible pricing without a free plan. However, you can get heavy discounts if you’re a NAR member. 

The two paid pricing plans for NAR and non-NAR members are as follows – 

  • NAR Member Agent Pro – $99/month, $99 setup fee; or $1188/year
  • Non-Member Agent Pro – $125/month, $125 setup fee; or $1500/year
  • NAR Member Broker Pro – $199/month, $199 setup fee; or $2388/year
  • Non-Member Broker Pro – $250/month, $250 setup fee; or $3000/year

2. Real Geeks

Real Geeks helps you take your marketing to the next level by using Facebook marketing tools and PPC management on their platform. From making IDX- accessible websites, creating market reports to offering SM auto-responders, Real Geeks covers everything. Create a customized real-estate website with high-end marketing strategies, cutting-edge technology, and amazing performance. 

What We Like About Real Geeks

  • Integrated Lead Manager CRM to generate real-time reports using lead databases.
  • Automated email drip system to seam marketing campaigns to prospects. 
  • Helps in connecting third-party integrations to expand the reach of targeted leads. 
Pros Cons
Customized website with an easy interface Fixed budget for websites
SEO optimized real estate IDX websites Additional charges for marketing campaigns
Advanced marketing strategies



  • $300/mo for fixed website management service 
  • $500 for setting up
  • $550/mo for PPC Facebook and Ad Campaigns.

Real Geek offers you a complete return on investment but no free additional plan. 

3. Square Space

When it comes to a real estate website with perfect SEO optimization, SquareSpace leads the charge. From responsive web design SEO-friendly layouts to advanced customizations and easy IDX integration capability, it covers everything. 

The best part about this real-estate website builder is that it offers a free Domain. The IDX integration and integrated customer relationship manager CRM make managing leads easy. 

What We Like About Square Space

  • SEO optimization to rank your real-estate website higher 
  • Effective blogging tools to gain high traffic and get easily monetized
  • 3rd party apps and integrations to create links with other related audiences
  • 5 mobile responsive real estate website customized template designs 
Pros Cons
Creative Image editing tools Less landing pages
Make multilingual websites No direct CRM integration
User-friendly site editor



  • Personal Plan – $12 per month
  • Business plan – $18 per month
  • Basic Commerce plan – $26 per month
  • Advanced Commerce plan – $40 per month
  • 14-day free trial

4. InCom

Without a doubt, InCom is the ideal real-estate website builder for agents who team up with other content creators for expanded reach. It offers some of the best property selling and marketing features to skyrocket sales in no time. 

The lead capture tool helps create customized real estate landing pages and sign-up forms for easy navigation. From offering home valuation tools, mortgage calculators, testimonial pages to managing and monitoring our leads, InCom gets you all that an ideal real-estate website should have.

What We Like About InCom

  • InCom real-estate website builder creates IDX optimized website for maximum lead generation.
  • Special SMS auto-responders, Facebook advertising, and Google ads creation
  • Drag and drop editors, CTA pop-ups, and 17 customized real-estate website templates with effective blogging tools. 
Pros Cons
24/7 email customer support Bit high priced
Easy access to CRM No 3rd party integration app store
Real-time analysis and reports


  • Agent real estate websites – $49.95 per month plus $249.95 setup fee
  • Office/brokerage websites – $68.95 per month plus $350 setup fee
  • Unbranded condo website – $54.90 per month plus $249.95 setup fee
  • Listings TV display – $19.95 per minute
  • Marketing services – Starting at $45 per month
  • Frequent discounts available
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

5. Wix

Want a real-estate builder that is both cheap and easy to navigate around the section? No worries, Wix has got you covered. Capturing maximum leads and creating sign-up forms is a piece of cake at Wix. 

Plus, it uses special IDX technology, marketing automation, and basic customer relationship manager to acquire leads and maximize sales. The thematic real-estate-specific templates can cater to all your web design needs that work great for both mobile and desktop. 

What We Like About Wix

  • Wix smartly fits all the parameters of search engine optimization on Google by allowing easy editing.
  • Using Wix Builder, you can create, format, and integrate your real estate website with 14 customized templates.
  • Wix sets itself apart by allowing 3rd party apps and integrations on the website.
Pros Cons
Easy to use Not very pleasant mobile experience
Use WIX ( ADI) artificial design intelligence Not best for complexed integrations
Effective lead capturing strategies


  • Free – $0 forever
  • Combo – $14 per month 
  • Unlimited –  $18 per month 
  • Pro – $22 per month 
  • VIP – $39 per month 
  • It offers affordable pricing with 5 different plans to choose from according to the features you want. 

6. WordPress

More than half of the sites on Google are built on WordPress. It’s one of the best free CMS software to create a ready-to-use real estate website. 

With powerful integrating options, smooth SEO optimization, customizable options, WordPress is the perfect real-estate website builder for you. It stands out in the crowd by having the most user-friendly design, making exploring the website easy for anyone. 

What We Like About WordPress

  • The customizable real-estate themes in WordPress are user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and appealing. 
  • Like IDX integration, you can also add useful lead capturing elements for free from the directory. 
  • From building a real-estate website to customizing it as per need, everything is super easy on WordPress. 
Pros Cons
Real estate themes, plugins, and templates Requires domain and hosting
Cheap to buy Needs special SEO plugins
Easy to use

7. uKit

uKit is your most beginner-friendly real-estate website builder on the market. It has some of the best user-friendly features, including the drag and drop editor, intuitive interface, multiple plugin options, etc. Whether you’ve made a website before or not, the convenient user interaction options will make everything so easy for you. Moreover, the CRM integration simplifies the process of reagent and client interaction on the real estate website. 

What We Like About uKit

  • uKit has a pool of mobile-friendly templates that you can customize for your real estate website to attract more leads
  • The IDX integration in the pro plan saves all your real-estate database at a safe place, and the various widget choices allow you to choose from options like User Comments, Service Calculator, Timer, Social Networking Buttons, Timeline, and more)
  • The advanced SSL connection is proof of your website’s optimum protection and safety from third-party interference. 
Pros Cons
Cheapest real estate website builder No SEO Options
Code-free service with CRM integration No useful blogging tools
User-friendly and professional look


  • 14 Free Days Plan
  • Cheapest Premium Plan = $4 per month
  • Expensive Pro Plan costs $12 per month. 

8. Blue Host

As the name says, Blue-host is an outstanding hosting service yet an excellent real-estate website builder. From flexibility, affordability, storage to security, it masters every corner when it comes to creating the best real estate websites for agents. 

WordPress users have special perks and combined security while using Bluehost to create safe real estate websites for realtors. In light of all these features, the Blue host is undoubtedly the pioneer of web builders and has experienced the highest customer retention rate in the last few years. 

What We Like About Blue Host

  • The blue host takes special security measures to take care of the user’s privacy and personal data. 
  • You get a pool of widgets, templates, and themes to build a professional real-estate website. 
  • Websites built on Bluehost have faster loading times, flexibility, and availability of integrating options. 
Pros Cons
Top-notch security No free subscriptions
Multiple real-estate plugins Less SEO and blogging tools required
High traffic generation



Monthly subscription – $3.95 

9. Property Base

If you’re a team of regents, Property Base is the best real-estate website builder to go for. Whether you need a website with IDX or quality marketing features, Property Base is your ideal fit. It offers a wide array of features, from lead capturing and importing leads to marketing automation and creating real-time reports. 

What We Like About Property Base

  • Property Base has a special built-in listing manager for proper management of your website’s listing. 
  • You can easily create contact forms, landing pages, and user-friendly pop-ups to note visitor’s activity on the site. 
  • From scheduling bulk emailing to sending active email campaigns, property base improves your marketing.
Pros Cons
Transaction Intelligence feature Less quantity of real estate templates
Importing leads and making customers Very slow and unresponsive customer service
Marketing Automation



  • Company – $69 per user/month (4 minimum users)
  • Enterprise – $89 per user/month (10 minimum users)

10. Weebly

Seeking a reliable real-estate website builder that offers the best value for money? Weebly comes into the picture. Not only is Webber the cheapest real-estate website builder for agents, but also one with countless features. 

Despite being cheap, Weebly doesn’t compromise on quality and has the best SEO incentives for small real estate businesses. The IDX integration is super easy to add, while the third-party integration improves your site’s overall traffic. It also has a decent collection of designs and templates to make the best user-friendly real estate website. 

What We Like About Weebly

  • With Weebly, you get a multitude of free and paid options in lead capturing and customization of the website. 
  • The built-in email marketing tools increase your user base and visitors to your site. 
  • Weebly is extremely easy to navigate and has various creative to user-friendly real-estate-specific templates. 
Pros Cons
Easy SEO editing Less number of templates
Attractive lead capture elements Outdated themes
Decent selection of designs


  • Free – $0 forever
  • Personal – $6 per month when paid annually, or $9 per month when paid monthly.
  • Professional – $12 per month annually, or $16 per month when paid monthly
  • Performance – $26 per month when paid annually, or $29 per month when paid monthly


11.  IDX Broker Home

IDX Broker has a remarkable history of creating perfectly SEO-optimized websites that gain higher visibility on Google. As per the name, IDX sets itself apart by including the most powerful IDX functionality. It’s time to move a mile forward from your competitor’s website by creating fully customized SEO-optimized real-estate websites. Whether you want to create a single landing page or integrate 3rd party Apps, IDX brokers make things really simple for you. 

What We Like About IDX Broker Home

  • Numerous excellent marketing tools to generate leads
  • Google workplace set up and IDX  broker platinum
  • 20 customized real estate website templates
  • Excellent SEO tools and resources with in-depth MLS and IDX platform. 
  • Customized lead generation strategy with live blogs and webinars 
Pros Cons
High-end IDX functionality Very Simple website format
Various practical SEO tools Slower loading times
Flexible pricing


  • Agent plan – Starting at $150 per month
  • Team plan – Starting at $170 per month
  • Office plan – Starting at $200 per month
  • One-time setup fee is $500


12. Luxury Presence

Not an ordinary real-estate website builder. Luxury presence is an online real-estate website builder and a fantastic marketing platform. 

From planning a custom website design to optimizing for the mobile experience, there’s hardly any area that luxury space doesn’t cover. It features a special IDX tool with a split-screen map that allows you to do many functions simultaneously. From MLS field searches to make the website interactive, a luxury presence is best for real estate agents. 

What We Like About Luxury Presence

  • It helps drive sales of high-end listings and converts that lead to high-paying prospects. 
  • Using luxury presence does not have very technical skills but basic website building knowledge.
  • SEO features help in targeting your audience and creating an impressive branding image for your real-estate website.
Pros Cons
Full SEO optimization tools No IDX functionality is available
Multiple field searches Quite expensive
Visually appealing real-estate templates


  • $5000 service fees monthly

How to Choose the Best Real Estate Website Builder?

Now that you know all the real-estate website builders, it’s time to make up your mind easily for the best one. It’s time to make your decision strong by reading the must-to-have features in an ideal real estate website for agents. Whether your goal is to generate maximum leads or surpass competitive websites, these factors will help you be clear about your main objective. 

1. Inclusion of IDX listings and MLS

It stands for Internet Data Exchange which lets you use other agent’s property pictures with consent. It is an amazing help to beginner real estate agents who don’t have much up-to-date property collection to display. 

MLS access, also known as multi-listing services, comes in handy in creating a database that holds all the relevant information about properties. The necessary data comes from a number of real-estate brokers in the market who work in this space and are looking to buy potential business relations. 

2. Lead Generation

A good website builder is one that has a good number of lead generation and marketing tools is what makes a win-win situation. Having strong marketing tools like contact details, text boxes, online forms, and email campaigns on your website brings many odds in your favor. Similarly, lead generation aids you to drive maximum leads and convert them into customers. 


3. SEO search engine optimization

After making the best real-estate website, SEO is what will make your presence worth noticeable on google. Having practical SEO tools in the website builder helps edit meta tags, title tags, and other website elements as per SEO guidelines. The better SEO your real estate website will have, the higher the visibility you will get on search engines among your competitors. seo for real estates

4. Customer Service

Wherever you go, good customer service makes your experience worth remembering and likely gets you to revisit the place. The same goes for websites. After the perks and benefits, customer service is what everyone looks for to get out of the water in every situation. Choose a real-estate website builder with dedicated customer service that is available 24/7, responds quickly, and solves all your concerns. 

5. Maps integration

Having a real-estate website builder with a Smart Maps integration feature is no less than a blessing. It makes it easy for both the lead and real estate agent to identify the location of the listing on your website. Due to this, your real-estate website would be able to allow easy navigation for every visitor that comes to the website. 

6. High-Resolution Images

High-resolution images on your real-estate website not only appeal to the visitors but also improve the SEO of your overall website. Whichever website builder you choose, make sure it supports high-resolution images that likely make your real estate website stand out in the crowd. If your website faces an issue in displaying images, reach out to customer service and get your problem solved as early as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Agent Website Builders

Is WordPress good for real estate?

WordPress is not much a good choice for an agent. If you are thinking of creating a blog or website, then WordPress is a good option, but if the main objective of creating your website is to generate leads and make money to invest in properties, then WordPress will not do justice as it requires more work upon customization.

Does a WordPress real estate website builder support SEO?

Yes, most WordPress real estate website builders come with SEO tools that help you rank higher on search engines. The use of these features also improves the visibility of your website among your competitors.

Does WordPress support IDX?

Almost all WordPress website builders support IDX. It is a system that enables agents to display and search for listings from their specific area. The IDX integration adds value to the agent’s profile on the website.

Does Squarespace support IDX?

Yes, Squarespace does support IDX.

Does Wix allow IDX?

Yes, Wix does allow IDX.

How much does it cost to create websites for realtors?

If you’re developing websites for real estate agents, the cost for such a site is typically between $500 and  $1,500. Additional features will increase that cost significantly, so something like the Zillow website would pass in around $8K to $25K.

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