5 Crucial Reasons to Establish a Facebook Business Page NOW

When it comes to romantic stories on the internet, it doesn’t get much bigger or better than Facebook. Starting as nothing but an idea in a college dorm room, Facebook is now one of the biggest and most prominent platforms available. With over two billion active users each month, it has become important beyond its initial reach.

As well as keeping up with distant relatives, Facebook is now one of the best websites for businesses (and this is our focus today!). If you don’t already have a Facebook business page, we’re going to explain why you’re missing out this year!

  1. Professional Branding – As a real estate agent, there’s one thing that forms the glue for all customer interactions; trust. Without trust, the relationship between client and agent is a difficult one. Therefore, we recommend a Facebook business page because it allows you to continue your universal branding efforts online.

As long as your Facebook page has the same name as your company, website, letter headings, and everywhere else the brand has a presence, it will be instantly recognizable, and you’ll be able to utilize Facebook and all that it offers.

  1. Call to Action – ‘But I don’t want to engage with clients on Facebook, I want them to visit my website’ – no problem, add a call to action button on your Facebook business page and people will have easy access to your website (where the selling really happens!).

With a significant percentage of your audience on Facebook, the initial interaction is just the start. After adding a ‘Contact’ button, you can lead prospective clients to the locations where you would rather converse whether this is on the phone, by email, or any other method.

While we’re on the topic of communication, try to reply to all messages in a timely fashion. Remember, everybody who clicks on your page will see how responsive you are. If they see that you’re slow to respond, they might just click away and choose another service.

  1. Stand Up to the Competition – Not only will you have your own page to shine, you can also show as a ‘Similar Page Suggestion’ on the pages of your competition. Suddenly, your name is showing as an alternative suggestion when people visit the page of your competitors (isn’t this great?). As long as the box is ticked in your settings, you’ll be ready to go.
  1. Make Yourself Known – Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know two things;
  • SEO is pivotal
  • Google holds the cards

With a Facebook business page, you’re giving search engines an opportunity to see who you are, where you operate, what you offer, etc. With this in mind, complete all the sections available including About, Our Story, and your address, contact information, opening hours, and business category. The more information Google has to identify you, the easier you’ll be to find when people search for a service of your type.

Of course, while filling out these details, don’t be afraid to integrate some keywords. With local keywords too, it won’t be long before your community sees you as a prime option when buying/selling their home.

  1. View Key Analysis – Finally, you’ll be able to track a plethora of metrics whether it’s likes, followers, stories, page views, reach, page actions, or something else entirely. By using this data, you’ll see what type of posts encourage engagement before then tailoring your posts and growing your business.

With these five reasons, you should now see why a Facebook business page can be so valuable. If you need more help with lead generation and website building this year, feel free to get in touch with Ascend Lead Sites.

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