6 Disastrous Mistakes That Cost Real Estate Agents Repeat & Referral Business

It’s safe to say that it can be very hard to acquire new leads and customers. Which is why you need to do everything you can to keep those leads and encourage them to generate referrals for you. What that means is that you also need to avoid making any mistakes in regards to how you connect with them. Here are the top 5 mistakes agents make when it comes to past clients and referrals:

1. You talk with clients only when you need referrals

The last thing you want is to talk with people only when you want something. If you want to generate referrals naturally, you need to be friendly and maintain constant communication with customers. Show them that you are offering a very good value, and the results on their own can be nothing short of extraordinary!

2. The sales experience you provide is not that impressive

If you’re looking to generate lots of referrals, try to make this entire experience fun and unforgettable. Make the experience forgettable, and customers will not refer you to friends and family. Which, as you can imagine, might end up being a problem. Make the sales experience unforgettable and customers will bring you more and more referrals.

3. Not using digital tools

It’s very hard to stay up to date with everything and connect with people exactly the way you want. Digital marketing and promotional or chat tools will help you connect with customers quickly and they will bring in a great experience every time.  Showcase professionalism and prompt responses to your clients because your rate of response can be the difference between an excellent review or a so-so review.

4. Disappearing once you make the sale

This is the worst thing you can do. As we mentioned above, what you want to focus on is the delivery of a professional attitude. Be professional and reliable, follow up and make sure that the customer is always satisfied. This is extremely important in the real estate world. The right attitude and friendliness can do wonders when it comes to getting more referrals.

5. Not asking for referrals

It might seem obvious, but a lot of real estate agents don’t do this at all. Yes, you do need to ask for referrals from time to time. Don’t put that request right in front of the customer. Make it something normal and a thing that he will enjoy. It can totally be worth it, the idea is to know when and how to ask for referrals without disturbing the customer.

6. Not requesting an online review

With all data pointing to the tremendous increase of online buyers and more tech savvy clientele, it is imperative that real estate agents build their online review portfolio. Word of mouth may still play a part of your referral business, but many home buyers rely on past reviews to choose their agents. It’s never too late to start your online review portfolio and you can start with Google Reviews, Yelp, Facebook or Zillow.

If you’re looking to grow your real estate business, you need to ask for referrals and reviews.  Avoid this list of mistakes and you will soon start to see your referral business grow!

Not all agents have a good system tracking past clients and asking for referrals. Choose a CRM that will automate your referrals and watch your referral and repeat business grow exponentially! Check out Ascend Lead Sites’ Powerful CRM.

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