6 Critical Technology Must-Haves For Real Estate Agents

6 Critical Technology Must-Haves For Real Estate Agents

If you’re a real estate agent and you’re not using various technologies available you are missing out. Sure, seeing so much tech tools and features might seem overwhelming, but technology can help you generate more sales and it can also bring in front a very professional allure for your business too. What technologies should you use however? Here are some of the best!

Mobile apps

Since real estate agents are always on the road and they try to provide customers with the best experience and results, it’s extremely important to have mobile devices and dedicated apps ready to go. Mobile apps are great for real estate agents because they can help post new listings, manage listings, communicate with clients and so on. Results can be great, and the experience will shine every time. An example would be a CRM app where your leads are just a click away.

Cloud services

In the real estate world you’re always accessing information from new locations and devices. You need cloud services because they keep all data available online and you can access it securely from wherever you want. It’s fast, safe and convenient, exactly what you need to have in the end. A few must have include dropbox.com where agents can store documents and photos easily and share them quickly. Another great tool is authentisign.com where agents can setup purchase and sale agreements and email documents to their clients to capture their signatures.

QR code

QR codes are great because they can store lots of information regarding a property or location. With help from QR codes it’s a lot easier to organize and manage property information. Plus, people can scan QR codes and learn more about a property without a problem. You can add QR codes on business cards, direct mail, flyers, law signs and so on.


Canva is a great digital design tool that can help you unleash your creativity. Since the real estate world is all about visuals, you do need designs and banners that help you stand out. The platform offers you all the features you need to create amazing digital art pieces which can also be printed if you want. If you want to generate sales fast, using the right designs and visuals will help a lot and this can be really helpful.

Email list tools

MailChimp is a good tool to use because it allows you to manage your email list and create a powerful email campaign. You do need to keep people subscribed to your newsletter up to date with the latest offers, discounts and features. And a good email tool like this will help make the process easy and very convenient all the time.

Virtual staging 

Have a vacant listing and have trouble showing off it’s potential? Try Virtual Staging! Our favorite partner is BoxBrownie.com but there are many others that allow you to provide a virtual staging experience to customers. With many buyers searching for their homes online first impressions are key in getting foot traffic and real visits to your listing. Virtual staging can help with that if you have a vacant listing.

Real Estate CRM

Last but definitely the most important: finding the right CRM (customer relationship management software). With more than 80% of buyers searching for homes online you will need a responsive website to engage potential leads and a strong CRM to nurture these leads until they are ready to buy. There are many CRMs out there so be sure to do your homework and find out that 1) real estate specific 2) fits your business and budget. Check out our real estate platform here or compare a few others at FitsSmallBusiness.

Every real estate agent needs to start using technology tools in this digital era. Technology makes the life of a real estate agent a lot easier and more convenient. All you have to do is to check out these great options and see which one works for you!

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