7 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents NEED Real Estate Texting

The world of marketing is every evolving. We will dive into the importance of texting messaging and it’s role for real estate agents and real estate marketing

What is SMS texting messaging?

SMS texting (short for Short Message Service) is the act of sending a text message between two cellphones. The standard limit for an SMS text is 160 characters, though some carriers offer texting packages that include more messaging. It’s also possible to send and receive short messages internationally through services like WhatsApp or Skype, which use their own texting systems. Any media file can be attached to an SMS text but it takes up the character space in your allotted 160 characters. If you want to attach a photo or video without exceeding the 160 character limit you’ll want to utilize MMS texting, so let’s talk about MMS texting now!


What are MMS text messages?

MMS texting (reciprocally known as Multimedia Messaging Service texting) is the extension of texting between a cellphone and a computer or other mobile device with access to the internet. This typically includes companies like Apple, Samsung and Motorola who have incorporated texting options into their operating systems. Android owners can send MMS texts by using Google Hangouts, but there are other texting apps available for download on the App Store that function similarly without any additional cost.

MMS texting allows you to attach media files to your text messages without compromising character space. There are many advantages to texting with an MMS – not just multimedia attachments! You also get group chats, location sharing, recording of voice notes over texting and so much more! Because it uses up your data plan texting via MMS texting takes longer to send, but it’s still a popular texting option among businesses and individuals.

When texting with multimedia attachments think of the MMS texting process as sending an email attachment that you then have to download onto your phone – only the media files are sent in real time instead of as a file attachment offline. The major difference between using an email client versus an MMS texting app is that there aren’t any pop-up ads while you’re texting which means you can be productive and multi-task while texting!

The most important thing about text messaging on a mobile device is to keep it short and sweet because nobody has unlimited texting anymore (unless they pay for premium texting packages) so be sure to utilize multimedia texts and texting abbreviations when texting with friends to avoid texting fees.

SMS texting and MMS texting are non-verbal ways of communicating that still offer a wealth of opportunity – we would be lost without them!

So now that we’ve covered the differences between SMS texting and MMS texting let’s dig into this will help you with your real estate business!

Texting Messaging For Real Estate Agents

Real estate texting for real estate agents is one of the most effective real estate marketing techniques available. Even during this real estate downturn, more and more real estate agents are using real estate text alerts to notify clients about fresh listings and property changes. But why is real estate texting so popular?

For starters, realtors who use real estate alerts can build valuable relationships with their customers rather than just be a source for information. This helps realtors keep their brand name in people’s minds even when they’re not actively working with them, which makes it easier to close future sales since trust has already been established.

In addition, real estate agents can set automatic alert notifications through any number of free or low cost services that provide home updates via SMS messages such as: Property Alerts, Recently Sold Data, Property Status/Changes and more. These real estate alerts can send prospects and current clients information about price changes in real estate listings.

Some staggering text messaging statistics:

  1. 85% of professionals currently use text messaging for their business
  2. Over 90% of all text messages are responded to within 30 minutes or less
  3. Text messages are opened and read almost 134% more than email
  4. 62% of buyers want property info via real estate text message marketing

Marketing real estate is a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be! With SMS for Real Estate Marketing you can promote listings and drive traffic with bulk text messaging as well as send out new listings specific to your needs. You’ll also want use the 1:1 texting method when communicating directly with clients in order optimize their experience while using an easy-to-use interface that makes everything accessible from any device.

1) Property Alerts (MMS Property Alerts)

Texting is a great way to keep prospects up to date with new listings. New homes go on the market every day, and it’s important for real estate agents like you to stay engaged by sharing vital information through texts that prospective buyers love. Keep your prospects engaged by texting them a link of a potential home with a link back to your website. Take a look at this sample below:

Not only will your wow your client but it also allows you, the real estate agent to keep in touch with a prospect and to keep your services top of mind.

Other types of property alerts include updates when a home goes under contract, selling price change updates, alerts for local weather conditions affecting sales (ie. hurricane), coming soon listings matching client criteria, upcoming open houses, messages from other real estate agents about potential multiple offers or changes on a listing, and more….

2) Managing Showings & Appointments

Keep your prospective buyers up-to-date with all of the potential showings and appointment dates by engaging them through text messaging. You can send listing updates, listing status changes and quickly reply to changes and confirm appointments!

3) Real Estate Text Messaging Sign Riders w/SMS Short Codes

Imagine: A prospective buyer drives by your listing and sees your for sale sign. This prospect can text the number or short code found on the rider and the agent will instantly be informed of a prospective buyer. The prospective buyer then gets an instant property details on their phone.

Spend less time trying to find people who might be interested in what you have available for sale.

Check out companies such as: AgentText.com that offer these services.

4) Reminders via Automated Campaigns

Remember the 6-8 touch lead nurturing process is crucial to the early stages of a customer’s buying journey. Making contact with leads is just one part of marketing strategy: it’s important to stay in close communication all along their path towards becoming customers who appreciate your company enough to buy from you again!

Sending text messages is a critical factor to this nurturing process. Many CRMs have automated campaigns to send texts to prospects. For example Ascend Lead Sites CRM allows agents to setup a text message to be sent to a prospect on Day 20 from when prospects register onto the website. This hands off automation allows agents to still be on the go, show homes and attend to their daily tasks without having to remember to follow up with a prospect. Agents can automate these text message reminders with ease–and you have the flexibility to send different reminders tailored towards various groups in contact lists!


5) Speed To Lead Texting

If you are spending hundreds or thousands for marketing and lead generation then you know that it is of utmost importance that you contact your lead within 5 minutes of a new lead sign up. Ascend Lead Sites Real Estate CRM for example has a system where the lead will be texted an automatic text within 2 minutes all new real estate leads. All SMS text messages can include video as well!

6) Mass Texting

With text message marketing, you can also send a text blast to a database of prospective buyers’ phone numbers. (Of course follow FTC guidelines!) For example, if you have a database of buyers in your Ascend Leads CRM that want homes in Seattle under $1 million dollars you could mass text a certain group of buyers. The text will be in MMS format (Multimedia Messaging Service) meaning that text will include the property photo and and active link back to your website.

7) Request An Online Review


Reviews are a big deal for businesses, and your online reviews can make or break you. Google search results will show top-ranked companies with the most ratings first–and if yours doesn’t have at least three stars out of five, it may not even be on their radar!


A study by Bright Local found that increasing from three to five stars means an increase in visibility of 25%. Not only does this mean more people might see your business online but they’ll also know better what kind of company you run based off these ratings. Text your past clients a link to your online review page so they can leave a 5 star review for your to increase your brand!


Texting messaging for realtors is used to streamline their real estate business, help them better manage their time, increase client satisfaction, communicate faster and more effectively than email or phone calls

As real estate marketing trends continue to change, realtors will need to keep up with the times if they want to remain successful and relevant in the real estate business. By using real estate texting as part of a realtor’s lead generation strategy, you can build valuable relationships with potential buyers while staying on top of emerging trends and keeping your realty brand name at the forefront of people’s minds.

Check out Ascend Lead Sites Real Estate CRM where agents have a centralized hub for texting clients, prospects and other professionals. A local phone number will be provided for you and you can start texting your database quickly and easily!

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