7 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Crushing It in 2019

Video marketing has a multitude of opportunities in today’s digital world. Whether it is is offering a way to present yourself in front of potential clients or showcasing a listing here are 7 ways why video is one of the best marketing tools in 2019!

1. Videos are great for SEO

If you want to generate more buzz regarding your real estate business, you need SEO and more specifically local SEO. Videos are known to bring in massive SEO benefits and the return on investment can be amazing with their help. Highlight community events or showcase a specific neighborhood!

2. Present yourself in front of new leads & past clients

Video marketing is a great way to put yourself in front of a potential buyer or seller and even past clients.  If a lead is being emailed by a few agents, stand out by creating a brief introduction video. How great would it be to open up an email and have a video of your real estate agent saying hi?

3. They establish trust

With so many emails and texts, consumers are bombarded with sales pitches on a daily basis. Using video is the best way to combat this. You can put your best face forward by showing your audience that you are real and that your services are the best in the business.

4. Videos are easy to share on social media

Social media is here to stay and your viewers can see your videos or share videos quickly. Put together a nice neighborhood video or highlight a community event and video will be shared in your local community. Elevate your brand and real estate business quickly and easily.

5. It’s really easy to take and post videos

Ideally you want to invest in a good 4K camera for your real estate business. But you can easily take high-quality videos with your phone and you can even post them online from the phone if you want to after a bit of editing. That certainly comes in handy, and the results on their own can be nothing short of extraordinary.

6. You can be creative by coming up with various video highlights

Set yourself apart and be a local agent your community turns to.  These include interview videos, promotional videos, live stream videos, blog videos, special offer videos and etc…

7. Videos are great for mobile devices

More than 50% of all internet access is coming from a mobile phone. This means most of your clients will be watching videos on their phone. If you create short, informative and easy to watch videos, then you can crush it and put your business in front of prospects quickly.

It might take a bit of time to find the right video marketing approach, but the return on investment can be great and that’s exactly what makes it so powerful and distinct in the first place. Rest assured that using video marketing for your real estate business sets you apart and that is what you need in a competitive business!

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