wordpress website for realtors

Back 2 Basics Video: What Is A WordPress Website?

WordPress, WordPress, WordPress! If you’ve been wanting to setup your own real estate website chances are you’ve seen this word everywhere. We’re going to explain what a WordPress website is and how it can help you with your real estate business.

WordPress is a software you use to build your website or blog and publish it on the internet. It has also been referred to as content management system (CMS). WordPress is easy and FREE to setup however, if you need real estate listing data this will NOT be provided and you will still need to purchase a Domain  and find a Web Hosting Service to store your WordPress data. If you’re just starting out and want to get a feel for things, set up a real estate blog. You can write just about anything real estate and publish your content quickly and easily. Once you get more comfortable you can start adding more to your WordPress website by adding things such as plugins, multiple listing data, and more.  Check out ascendleadsites.com today for amazing websites with real estate blogs!