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Back 2 Basics: What Exactly Is A Blog?

What Exactly Is A Blog?

What exactly is a blog and why is everyone telling you to start one? We’re going to explain what a blog is and why it’s a vital piece of content to add to your real estate website.

A blog is basically an online journal or informational website and is typically written in diary style entries. Blogging is a great way to help market or promote yourself or your business or service. In real estate, blogging is essential to keep unique content on your website. A well written article will attract potential buyers and sellers. Continuing to write unique content also keeps your prospects engaged so they’ll keep coming back! Be the go-to real estate professional for your community and write about the neighborhood and highlight local events! Real estate blog topics can include: Latest listings, market trends, community events, local happenings and more! Visit where we create and provide you with written real estate blog articles as part of our service!