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Back 2 Basics: What Is A Real Estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

What Is A Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Your real estate website is up and you’re working with leads! But HOW are you managing your leads so they don’t fall through the cracks? We’re going to talk about what a customer relationship management system (CRM) is and how it can effectively nurture your leads.

Leads that come in aren’t always ready to buy and you will need to nurture your lead until they are. This is where a customer relationship manager (CRM) comes in. A CRM is a system that organizes all the details of your prospects, current clients or past clients. A CRM is the heart of your real estate business which allows you to stay in touch with clients and prospective customers. Collect as much data on each lead and place it into your CRM.  The more information you can attain on a lead creates a stronger business relationship, helps with customer retention and ultimately drives sales growth.

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