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Additional Features

Video Email: Over 51% of Marketers belive that video marketing is effective for brand awareness, increase in open/read rate, lead generation and online enagement!

  • Simple and effective video email

  • Multiple templates to choose from

  • Quickly and easily record and video and send right from InnovaCRM!

  • Create brand awareness
  • Drip camppaigns, templated emails and marketing campaigns included to engage your leads

Website Designed for Offer

Convince buyers to work with you in an unabtructed and integrated way right inside your home search! Ylopo’s Branded advertising Message Boxes allow you and your advertising partners to showcase your brand and your unique selling propositions directly in the consumer’s home search experience(your private newsfeed ads!). Your Lender advertising partner will love the exclusive exposure


Create a beautiful single property website and dazzle your sellers! Set up is easy and get your listing online in minutes!
Our single property websites are optimized for all devices and features:

  • Video Embedding

  • Custom Domains

  • Printable PDFs
  • Photo Galleries

  • Google Maps
  • Open House Scheduling
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Review Sharing & More!

Dynamic Real Estate Ads

There are a total of 214 million Facebook users in the US with more than 1.8 billion monthly active users. Utilize Dynamic Real Estate ads and engage buyers with homes on the market in real time! Buyers will view homes on their Facebook newsfeeds with your agent information. Ads will be display real inventory and displayed dynamically! Automatically and quickly promote your home listings on Facebook!