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Lead Nurturing System

Don't let your leads fall through the cracks ever again!
We offer long-term, automated nurturing for all your leads.


Are Your Leads Falling Through The Cracks?


The Money Is In The Follow Up

It takes an average oftouches to get an initial meeting (or other conversion) with a new prospect.

With our automated campaigns, nurture your leads every step of the way.

  • All leads are assigned to an Action Plan for immediate and long term engagement and follow-up.
  • Effectively market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks
  • Action plans can be in the form of email, video email, video text, or text
  • Agents stay top of mind for new leads, referrals, new & past clients, more…

Agent Accountability

Did you know that many agents waste over 70% of online leads by not responding or reaching out?

Increase Productivity & Accountability.

  • Action Plans will send emails on behalf of agents. Even if an agent is at an open house, their leads are hearing from them.
  • Once an action plan is complete you will be notified so that you can set up a new action plan. Your action plans run endlessly so when a lead is ready to buy or sell, you’ll be in the forefront!
  • Agents can easily set up tasks, appointments and reminders to increase lead touches to close more deals!

We Know You’re Busy

Engage leads at critical points with our behavioral based system.
Turn leads into closings by sparking conversations at the right time!

  • Behavioral Messaging is triggered once you activate a behavior. For example, if a lead favorites 2 properties within 14 days an automatic text is sent to them asking if they would like to tour the home later this week.
  • The email or text will be sent from 30 minutes to an hour, to make the communications appear more authentic and real. The results are amazing!
  • Activate and choose up to 5 pre-defined lead behavior that trigger an automatic text or email to leads

Spark conversations and increase your conversion rate. See it live on our demo today!

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Automated Marketing Highlights

  • Easily assign Action Plans & DRIP Campaigns

  • Send daily property alerts to your leads

  • Reduce repetitive tasks with our automated systems

  • Automatically engage leads with our Behavioral Messaging system.