Basics of Automated Email Marketing: Getting Started

Though we may have seen advancements in the marketing niche, email marketing is still very much alive. Fortunately, it’s much easier than ever before thanks to automated systems…and we’re going to provide an insight (and some advice!) today.

What’s Automated Email Marketing?

As the name suggests, automated email marketing is a system that allows you to send prospects specific emails. Before we go any further, we should note that we aren’t talking about ‘thank you for ordering’ emails. Instead, automated email marketing focuses on notifications and messages rather than searching for engagement.

Benefits of Automated Email Marketing

We understand, you’re reading this while feeling a little skeptical. Compared to other marketing tools, you may feel as though email marketing is a little outdated. It may be old, but there’s still no competition for email when it comes to lead generation; BombBomb say it still sits above content marketing, live events, SEO, PPC, and more.

Two Types of Emails

There are two types of emails, and they can either be used simultaneously or independently. Ultimately, the system you choose will depend on your goals.

  • Drip-Feed Emails – Firstly, using a timeframe of your choosing, drip-feed emails can be delivered sequentially. For example, those who have subscribed could receive a free report which is designed to push them through the sales funnel. Over the course of a week, for example, prospects can be sent a series of emails encouraging them to take action.
  • Trigger Emails – On the other hand, the behavior or lack of action may trigger certain emails with this option. Rather than doing everything manually, they can be sent a welcome email, birthday email, or even an abandoned cart email to entice them into finishing the transaction.

Getting Started with Automated Email Marketing

If you want to get started today, here are some tips;

  • Rather than sending the same message to your whole email list, segment your subscribers into specific groups whether this is based on their location, product/service they bought, how they found you, etc.
  • Before sending any emails, make sure the reader will be sent to a landing page that makes their experience even better. Too often, the landing page can’t back up what’s said in an email. If possible, create a customized landing page for each email campaign so it applies directly.
  • With the technology we have these days, there’s no excuse not to personalize the email. ‘Hi John’ sounds so much better than a generic introduction or ‘Hi customer’. As well as their name, you can also personalize location and products. 
  • Our brilliant partners at BombBomb also recommend including visual content such as videos to increase engagement with emails, and this could yield fantastic results.
  • Finally, split test emails to see which leads to stronger performance and don’t forget to track results. How many were viewed, opened, clicked, and converted?

As long as you have a platform that allows your service the best automated email marketing features, this is a great way to improve your service in 2019!


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