The Ultimate Guide To The Best Real Estate Power Dialer

Best Dialer For Real Estate

Following up is the key to success in real estate. Cold calling is also a powerful way to generate leads and fill your pipeline with new leads. With the help of a power dialer, you can make over 30-60 phone calls in an hour without skipping a beat.

Agents can improve efficiency at work and having a dialer is said to make up to three times as many calls per hour. In this guide we’ll cover everything you need know about power dialers from the basics to advanced features and how they are by professionals to increase productivity and sell more homes!

Now let’s dive into why a real estate agent would need a real estate dialer!

New Wave Of Marketing Technology

As real estate agents, we’re always looking for ways to improve our lead generation process. With real estate agent software and marketing tools, are increasing their success rates with realtors while saving time doing the busy work that usually takes up most of the day. A real estate dialer is an automated phone system designed to increase your contacts with real estate leads.

What exactly is a real estate dialer? Well … it’s basically an auto-dialing system you can use on your computer or phone so that you don’t have to waste time manually dialing thousands of telephone numbers all by yourself. For real estate call centers and other similar businesses, a dialer is used to dial real estate leads as they come in.

Types of Dialers

You may have heard the terms auto dialer, progressive dialer, power dialer, single line dialer, predictive dialer, multi line dialer or 3 line dialer. What are the differences with these dialers?

Auto dialer, power dialer, and single line dialer

  • Auto dialer, power dialer, and single line dialer are pretty similar dialers just slightly different in how they dial (randomly from a list of contacts vs specific contacts chosen by the user). These dialers are great for a single agent or a team of 2-3 agents. Typically the agent loads their contacts or chooses the leads they want to connect with within their CRM. The dialer then loads the phone numbers into the system and efficiently dials through a list of prospects one-by-one and automatically for the agent! The dialer interface typically shows who you are calling, outcomes, previous notes, etc.. If the prospect does not answer you can leave a voicemail, hang up, or hit next to call the next prospect in the que.
  • Dialers within a CRM is ideal for agents as it pulls a prospect’s history from your CRM before each call and pops it to the agents screen for review.

Progressive Dialer

  • The Progressive Dialer will adaptively control the dialing pace based on past campaign performance. It’s a fancy way of saying that agents will be connected to someone who’s available to talk and not just an automated message. The contact list starts with the first person on it, then goes through all contacts in order until they find one who can answer their phone call or chat session request for help within seconds.

Predictive Dialer

  • The Predictive Dialer uses advanced algorithms to predict agent availability and dials accordingly, so you can optimize your resources more effectively without excess time spent looking up information or wasting minutes while an agent is unavailable. One of the many ways in which predictive dialers differ from conventional ones is their ability to predict when a representative will be available and then start making calls one-by-one so that there’s always at least one call waiting for them. This helps keep reps on the phone as much as possible, but it may not work well if you want your representatives to have time between calls for research or an excellent customer experience. Predictive Dialers make sure there’s always at least 1 call ready by predicting when a rep might become free.

Multi line dialer or triple line dialer

  • With a multi line dialer or triple line dialer , you can queue up to three numbers at once. These sessions are particularly useful for people who work in sales and need to make several calls quickly. Before starting the call, it’s best that you have completed your power dialing settings as well as configured your speed-dial list so all of these tasks will be easy during each phone conversation.

Pros & Cons Of An Auto Dialer

PROS: In today’s time-crunched and fast paced world, efficiency is a major factor in success. A real estate auto dialer system that has been established to provide this very thing for business owners would be nothing short of heaven sent! In fact studies have shown that a dialer can increase an agent’s production by 183%!

CONS: Auto-dialers call numbers automatically, determine whether someone answered the phone, then go to live agents if there is no one on the other side or plays messages without any input from anyone on the line. This can be frustrating for both parties: when you get an autodialing salesperson who says hello but stays quiet because they don’t know what else to say while waiting (dead air). In addition to the awkward delay that results from using an auto-dialer, the use of such software also carries inherent risk.

The risks associated with auto dialers are not just for large-scale telemarketers or call centers. Small and medium size businesses are also at risk, as the definition of autodialer is a heavily litigated issue in courts. Violating TSR standards can carry hefty fines and result in litigation from unhappy consumers.

Auto Dialers & The Do Not Call List

In order to avoid violating the United States’ Do Not Call List, businesses are required by law to maintain records of their auto-dialers. These records can be used for prospecting campaigns and help keep accurate call statistics as well as ensuring that any phone numbers on a country’s do not call list will never get called again.

Stand Alone Dialer vs Integrated Dialers w/CRM

Stand Alone Dialer

A stand alone dialer is a system where an agent logs into a system where only the dialer is featured. The dashboard pops up and typically provides users an overview of their activity, settings and features that are available to them without having to navigate through various pages. There is a list of prospects with notes, history of calls, etc… If you have new leads you will need to export those leads into this system and then start the phone calls. Stand alone dialers may have more robust features and may be more costly which may or may not be useful for agents. The biggest downside is that the agent will need to keep exporting their leads from their CRM and uploading them into the stand alone dialer unless you have a program that will automatically do this for you which may be another cost.

Dialers Integrated w/Your Real Estate CRM

Real estate dialers also known as cloud based power dialer integrated within your CRM have become quite popular over the past few years. Many All In One Systems for agents have built in dialers. This is a must have for busy agents and agents with teams. Your CRM should be the ultimate central hub for all things lead related. Having a built in dialer will eliminate the need for the agent to export their leads into a separate dialer system.

If you are ready to dial out simply select the leads you want to connect with and click on “start dialing”. Just a few clicks and you’re ready to start dialing! Here’s an example:

  1. If today for example, you want to call new leads that came into your CRM in the past week simply use your CRMs filter feature to filter out newest leads.
  2. Your newest leads will be displayed.
  3. Select all the leads that are displayed and start dialing!

With a CRM + dialer, you can quickly organize lead data and customer history to establish an efficient call process for your business. Some recommendations for your dialer include choosing a local number and to show your name on your Caller ID so your lead will know who you are and which geographic region you are located in.

Helpful Fact: Cloud Based Power Dialer is basically a power dialer or real estate dialer that is hosted on the cloud.

Other Features Of A Real Estate Dialer:

  • Ringless Voicemail: Also called a voicemail drop, is the newest industry innovation in marketing. It’s an excellent way to send pre-recorded messages without interrupting your customers with ringtones and other noises from their phones! Ringless voice mail has been around for years now but only recently started gaining traction for marketers. Agents can simply record their greeting/voicemail and ‘drop’ it into the prospects voicemail.
  • Recording Calls: Have a new agent or training agents to adhere to a specific script? You can record a call between the prospect and the agent to see what can be improved or to simply replay a message to help recall what was said. Remember to obtain permission before you record the call.
  • SMS Texting: Some dialer dashboard/user interface will allow the agent to text the prospect if they are not answering. Once the text is sent the agent can continue to the next call without exiting the screen.

Enhancing Your Conversion w/Your Dialer

Here are a few ways to add some bling to your dialer and increase your conversion rate!



Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up.

Stand Alone Dialers To Look Into:

Phone Burner [Free Trial]

Vulcan7 [best quality Expireds, FSBOs, FRBO/Investors, and GeoSearch neighborhood leads ]



Espresso Agent






CRM + Real Estate Dialer Combos To Look Into:

Ascend Lead Sites




Sierra Interactive

Ascend Lead Sites Cloud Based Power Dialer

Ascend Lead Sites Power Dialer has a power dialer that helps agents and their team increase their call production. To stay in compliance, we have set up a lead form and through forced registration when a lead inputs their information they agree to receive phone calls and communications. See our Lead Form below:

“By clicking continue or sign in below you agree to our linked Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy and expressly agree to receive marketing communications via text and email messages. Message and Data Rates may apply.”

Ascend Lead Sites Power Dialer allows agent to que up leads of their choice. Want to call new leads? Filter out new leads using our filter feature and call leads who just signed up. Want to call leads that you have sold homes to in the past? Click on Filter: Sold and que those past clients to call! We make it easy for our users to make good impressions on potential leads. Use the features of Ascend Lead Sites Power Dialer, including voicemail drop and SMS messaging, to connect to your prospects/sphere!

Turbocharge your sales efforts with high-efficiency cloud-based calling software that brings big benefits to small and medium sized real estate businesses. The features built in make it easy for you to convert more leads into customers, not just call them – there’s no need anymore for a separate CRM system or additional ongoing costs!

What’s The Best Solution For You?

What is the best real estate dialer for you? The best solution is one that fits your goals, budget, and one that you can easily use. One of the more important thing in any software is good UI (user interface). If a software isn’t usable, then you won’t use it and you’ve wasted money. The only way to get a feel for that is to take the time test drive some of them before making your decision!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What’s the difference between real estate lists vs real estate dialer?

Answer: Dialers and lists of phone numbers are two different products for real estate agents. A real estate list is usually generated by either a human or via data online. These lists can include expired listings, For Sale By Owners, cancelled listings, tenants looking for new homes, probates where estates need more than one agent working together as co-executor and geofarm cold calling. Agents who purchase these lists often will have to make hundreds of phone calls and this is where a dialer would benefit an agent. It’s a numbers game in the end, and dialing takes patience and persistence. If you are interested in these types of lists, you can also get those from other list sources like ReboGateway or the popular Cole Realty.

Question: How do I know if the number is on the Do Not Call List?

Answer: This is a tough question. If the lead was generated through your CRM, the form they filled out prior to submitting their information to you should allow you to call them based on the terms outlined on the lead form (please confirm with your attorney). If you purchased the number through a list the company should have cross referenced the phone numbers through the Do Not Call List but you will have to confirm this with the company you purchased your list from.

Question: Do you recommend an 800 number or a local number?

Answer: We recommend going with a local number. You will get more of your calls answered and most callers see an 800 as a company spamming them.

Question: Do we need to install any special software to use a cloud based dialer/power dialer?

Answer: There are no software installation requirements or software downloads. Most dialers are cloud-based and you just use a username and password.

Question: Would you choose a Single Line Dialer or a Triple Line Dialer?

Answer: A single line is typically sufficient for an agent or a small team. A multi line dialer is best utilized if you have a call center or have a list of thousands of prospects to call.

Question: What’s the best real estate dialer and real estate list if I don’t have a CRM and don’t want one?

Answer: Mojo and RedX

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