Compelling Consumer Education Videos Can Boost Your Real Estate Business

Realtors can definitely generate leads by creating compelling consumer education videos and posting them on YouTube. With enough great videos you might even become a video influencer in your niche. The trick is to create engaging videos packed with valuable information that viewers can put to use. Once they see how knowledgeable you are, many will reach out personally to work with you, boosting your real estate business.

You might start out producing a consumer education video that’s simply a market update. Once you get going there are many real estate-related topics you can cover that would be very informative to current clients and prospects alike.

People who need this information are definitely going online to find it, and they often turn to YouTube. WordStream claims that YouTube now has over a billion users, which is about 33% of all Internet users. A study done in 2017 on “The Value of YouTube” revealed that 86% of YouTube viewers are there to learn about something new.

YouTube Hacks To Rank Your Real Estate Video On YouTube

The Top 5 Reasons People Go to YouTube

1. Help to fix something in their home, vehicle or other
2. To be entertained
3. To learn about something new
4. They’re curious about something
5. Help solving a problem

What are Consumer Education Videos?

The term “consumer education” is self-explanatory, so a consumer education video is one that provides the consumer with educational content on a particular subject, product, industry or etc. As a Realtor, there are a ton of ways to approach this, especially if you’re a little creative.

Compelling Consumer Education Real Estate Video Topics

• How much will it cost me to hire a Realtor to sell my house?
• How much money is required for a down payment?
• How can I improve my home’s curb appeal?
• How can I stage my home without spending a fortune?

People are asking these questions on Google, and it really is common knowledge that Google loves videos. So, if you create a great YouTube video on any one of these subjects it will likely appear on Google’s first search results’ page.
When brainstorming ideas for your consumer education videos, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Use your industry experience, the challenges you’ve overcome and your location for inspiration. This is a great way to teach people the “tricks of the trade” so that you can generate leads.

How to Get Your Videos Top Ranking

Compelling Consumer Education Videos Can Boost Your Real Estate Business

Research Keywords

Including the right keywords in your description is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in order for people to find and view them. Your keywords determine how high your videos rank in search results, which influence the number of people who will ultimately view your videos.

According to Advanced Web Ranking, the higher your ranking, the greater the possibility that people will click on your content (website or video). The highest-ranking search results on Google from a desktop computer gathered a 31% click-through rate. The click-through rate from mobile devices was 23%. This is why you want to rank at the top!

Your Video Uploads Must be Consistent

• Set an upload schedule and stick with it
• Put your upload schedule on your calendar
• Do not skip any upload times on your schedule
• Produce several videos at a time so you can schedule out the uploads
• Announce on your YouTube channel or on social media how often you’ll post videos

If your audience comes to your channel on Monday morning at 9 a.m. to view your new video and it’s not there, the YouTube algorithm will soon figure out that you are not reliable or consistent. And what is worse, your audience will figure that out too. Is that what you want to convey to prospects? Likely not, so you need to be consistent and follow through on your commitments!

Be Authentic on Camera

It’s important to be natural on camera. You want to be your authentic self by showing your personality. A video image is all about conveying who you are and what you can offer your audience. It’s not about how you sound or what you look like. You’re at your best when you let your authenticity shine in real life and the same holds true for video.
Your appearance is your appearance, and your voice is your voice, no one cares about that. Don’t let anything keep you from being yourself and continuing to make videos. People will be attracted to your personality and impressed by your knowledge and experience. You want them to look to you for guidance, not because you look like a movie star.
And one more thing, do not speak from a script. It never works because it doesn’t come off naturally. BombBomb video has some great examples dedicated to recording videos for real estate agents.


Your Videos Must Provide Valuable Information

Be careful not to talk about yourself too much. Determine what consumers would want to learn about from a video and make it useful. Remember, this is not a commercial. Your audience searched for this information, so don’t disappoint them. Keep at it and you will boost your business beyond anything you could have imagined.
Make sure that your videos do not seem like sales pitches. You want people to relate to you as someone who knows what they’re talking about, someone helpful. They do not want to feel pressured. Just be your charming self so your audience can relax and begin trusting you.

Keep Your Videos Short & Sweet

Your consumer education videos should be no longer than five minutes. This way they will have a higher probability of appearing at the top of the search results. This is short enough to keep them watching to the end if they’re enjoying it, and long enough to get noticed by YouTube’s algorithm.

Shorter videos seem to work best on most social media platforms, according to HubSpot who suggests these video lengths for the following social media platforms:

• YouTube: 2 minutes
• Facebook: 1 minute
• Twitter: 45 seconds
• Instagram: 30 seconds

Note: In the paragraph above it suggests 5 minutes for a YouTube video, but HubSpot recommends 2 minutes as listed above. This is confusing so it needs to be clarified. The information should be consistent.


Video Equipment

There is no need to buy expensive video equipment. You can make a quality video with your phone or tablet. You can get an inexpensive microphone if you want, one that will plug into your audio jack. A ring light works well to improve lighting. If you want to buy a video camera, that’s fine, but it’s not necessary. For editing you can use video editing software or to save time, a virtual assistant can do the editing.

Consumer Education Videos Get Results

Cisco predicts that by 2022, videos will be attracting 82% of all Internet traffic. Currently, people across the world spend more than a billion hours each day viewing YouTube videos. How many prospects do you think you can reach by consistently uploading great consumer education videos?

Why Wait?why
Now that you’ve learned what consumer education videos can do for your real estate business, it’s time to start making some – whether you post them on YouTube, your social media accounts or send them by video email through BombBomb.

The main thing is to not give up even if the first few videos you make are poor. Just keep going because with practice you’ll become more relaxed and come across more naturally. Trust me, it will pay of big in the end.

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