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There’s a reason you’re here. You’ve been told time and time again that you should be sending videos, but you can’t seem to muster the confidence. Or, maybe you’ve tried sending video emails and stopped short because you didn’t feel they were right. You’ve perhaps seen examples of video emails, but they really didn’t seem to apply to your business.

We understand. Being confident about making and being seen in videos doesn’t come naturally to most people. To get you used to the idea, we’ve created a guide to help you feel more relaxed on camera. The full guide covers the four objections we hear most from people who seem terrified of the idea of using video .

The Four Most Common Objections to Using Video

1. I Look Terrible in My Videos
2. My Voice Sounds Terrible in My Videos
3. I Have No Idea What I Should be Saying in My Videos
4. Technology Scares Me

In this article, we’re just going to cover the objection, “I Have No Idea What I Should be Saying in My Videos.” We’re also going to show you four examples of video emails that can be applied to just about any industry. You are welcome to use these examples to help you create your own videos.

 “I Have No Idea What I Should be Saying in My Videos”

Think how often you’d like to convey your message in person. Each time you wish you could do this you have an opportunity to send a simple video.

Also, you have another chance when you want to communicate something highly detailed and it would be too much trouble to write it all out. It could even end up being so long it might not get read, or perhaps be so convoluted that it could easily be misunderstood.

Excellent Video Email Examples
A simple email video can save you time and provide clarity. With this in mind, there are four basic opportunities that lend themselves to sending a video:

1. Updates

This video is to update your clients as to how their transaction, project or deal is going. Send these out regularly so your clients know what’s currently happening and what is planned next.
Updates should be sent immediately after reaching a milestone, small victory, or when something’s changed. You can also send updates out when you’re trying to get something done or when there’s something important to share.
Regular updates give you a chance to keep building trust so that your relationships with clients gets even stronger. If there are other parties involved in the transaction, it’s perfectly appropriate to include them as well.

2. Follow-ups

Follow-up videos are sent after you’ve met with or spoken to a client over the phone. It can just be a simple Thank You for their time. You should definitely send a follow-up video after any type of lengthy communication, like a meeting, conference or presentation Again, the reason is that it’s a perfect way to establish trust, plus videos can help you make quite an impression on new contacts. They also help you stand out in a competitive industry because you will be remembered, which helps if your prospect is still undecided about whom to work with.

3. Checking in

You send a check-in video to former clients or prospects just to find out how they’re doing since you last touched base. There is no set timing for this. Many times, a prospect will request a follow at a specific time. This would be the perfect time to personally check in with them as well. Also, if you’ve got a promotion planned, or have a new product or service you’re launching that this person might be interested in, it may be a good idea to send a check-in video.

A Simple Strategy for Nurturing Past Clients
This is a very effective way to stay at the forefront in people’s minds. It’s a great opportunity to appear in their inbox in an interesting, yet personal manner. If you’ve previously spent sufficient time with this individual, you should also ask after their family or hobbies in the email video.

4. “Did You Get My Recent Email?”

This is the type of email you send out following up with somebody who hasn’t bothered to reply to your last email.
This email should be sent out 3 to 5 days after you sent the original email they never responded to.
The reason you’d want to send this type of email is because it’s frustrating when someone doesn’t respond to an email. By sending a video email, your checking in with them will get their attention. This also gives you a chance to personalize your video to them, which would likely get them to click. Some people get creative and use the screen recording feature to showcase their website, which can be very effective if done in the first few seconds of the video.

Last Thoughts

Thank you very much for taking the time to read our article. We hope our tips will prove helpful to you.

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