Getting Started w/Facebook Ads

Are you getting started in Facebook ads? Many agents have turned to this social media giant to generate leads due to the high cost of Google and Bing search engines. For as little as 21 cents to 57 cents per lead you won’t find a better advertising site to get real estate leads!

To create a Facebook ad, simply post your listing or a listing you have permission to market. If you don’t have any listings to promote, you can always advertise a list of homes in a certain community. ie: 7 Hot Homes In San Diego California. School districts have also been a hot topic and creating a list of homes in a particular school district may also attract leads. Once you find a listing post a few photos of the home or design a graphic if you are promoting a list of homes. Here is an example:

Once you have your ad make sure you also have you’ll have a chance to create your audience, set your budget and location and serve the ad. Creating an ad is just one step of getting leads. Here are a few more tips to increase your clicks!

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is content that will attract leads. For example, we recommend creating an eBook. If you’re looking for sellers, a ‘Guide for Home Sellers’ will be a great way to attract their attention. As long as it answers a need or a common question for sellers, they’re likely to be interested.

Landing Page

A landing page is a simple page that outlines your services and highlights. Typically landing pages are very simple and do not list everything you offer. This will only confuse your prospects and they will turn away from your website. Keep your landing page simple, have a CTA (call to action), offer a lead capture form, and testimonials.

Lead Capture Form

A lead capture form allows a lead to enter their information in return for information. This information can be a list of homes in a particular school district or home values in a certain neighborhood. Some lead capture includes a form to fill out while others allow leads to login with their Facebook login thus eliminating the need to manually enter their information.

Don’t Forget to Track

After going to the hard work of creating a Facebook Ad campaign, don’t forget to track and then make adjustments to make sure your know how your ad is doing!

If you are interested in professional Facebook Ad Creation, check out our Lead Generation Services!

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