Four Things Top Producers Do Consistently To Get Where They Are

Successful Realtors didn’t become top producers without a lot of planning, dedication, perspicacity and grit. They know how hard it is to cut through the nonsense and find a workable solution to close every single deal. There is no such thing as a fast track or a secret to success. Every top producing Realtor has worked hard for their success through focus, determination and perseverance. These are the four most important elements that top producers in every industry are made of. With a lot of hard work, you too can become a top producer.

Four Things Top Producers Do Consistently to Get Where They Are

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Create an inspirational vision, one that drives you every single day.

Four Things Top Producers Do Consistently to Get Where They Are

If you are to reach your goals you must be able to picture what that means. Create a vision that can inspire you every single day. You need to envision it in order to make it happen. But a vision can only be a dream if you don’t have a plan to make it a reality. Write down what you envision for yourself and the steps you intend to take to bring it to fruition. What are your goals? Where will you be 10 years from now? What will it take on your part to get there? By breaking it down into months and years, you’ll have your plan. Make sure that each incremental goal is SMART, as it applies to your vision.

2. Accept that dedication is equal parts planning and sacrifice.

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Usher, one of today’s most successful musicians, is quoted as saying, “Success is about determination. Along the way, there will be times you won’t be where you’d like to be and won’t be doing what you’d like either. But you’ve got to have a vision and the fortitude to keep going until you reach your goals.”

3. Project an air of confidence.

Of all the top producers I’ve known, the one quality they have in common is they exude confidence in every situation. Even though they may not feel as confident, they never let on. Successful people have all learned how to fake it, so they look confident when they feel the opposite. The sooner you figure out how to “fake it until you make it” the sooner you’ll experience success.

4. Develop a generous spirit in word and deed.

Four Things Top Producers Do Consistently to Get Where They Are

Top producers learn early on that giving is often the key to success. Many end up mentoring the newer agents in the office and ultimately become team leaders. Most get involved in their community and are generous with their time and participation. Commit yourself to give more to your Realtor colleagues than you take. Even new agents can give through their participation. In fact, this is the perfect way to network and make contacts that will further your business.

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