How Realtors Can Use Social Media to Grow Their Business

There isn’t any type of business that can’t benefit from a visible presence on social media, but for real estate agents, social media can be their lifeblood if it’s used effectively.
The National Association of Realtors recently released a study that says that social media is now an integral part of signing clients and closing deals.

Here are highlights from the report:
• Some form of social media is actively used by 77% of Realtors today.
• 47% of real estate professionals report that they obtain their strongest leads from social media as opposed to other marketing efforts.
• 99% of millennials search online first when looking for a new home, and 90% of baby boomers are doing the same, rather than relying on in-person referrals.

Takeaway: Social media is where all the action is. If you’re a Realtor, you need to jump on board if you haven’t already.

Social Media Marketing Platforms for Realtors

How Realtors Can Use Social Media to Grow Their Business

If you’re a real estate professional, your days are extremely busy. It’s important that you spend your time on social media where it makes the most sense. The NAR study surveyed Realtors about their most effective platform, and these were the results:
Facebook – 97%
LinkedIn – 59%
Instagram – 39%


It is no surprise that 97% of Realtors said Facebook was their most effective social media channel. This is because the user demographics for Facebook represent the exact audience that any particular Realtor is targeting in terms of age and income. Facebook is where your audience can be found at any time of day or night. Plus, Facebook has built-in business features that work extremely well for Realtors. For example, Facebook will allow you to post content and updates on your listings, schedule appointments, engage with clients and curate reviews on their platform.


Because LinkedIn is primarily a network site for individual professionals and businesses, it may not be the most obvious place to find real estate clients. But it is the perfect place for Realtors to network with one another and tout their industry experience. The platform displays digital resumes for professionals from all industries, including individual Realtors. It also displays business pages where companies can show off their expertise. This is where employees often share opportunities with each other. Although you may not spend a lot of time on LinkedIn, it would certainly behove you to set up a profile and/or business page to enhance your online presence.


Instagram is booming right now, especially for those in real estate and this can’t be a surprise to anyone. Spectacular photos are what Instagram is all about, so what better place is there for gorgeous photos of your listings? For many small real estate agencies, Instagram is starting to become a top priority rather than a secondary social channel. Furthermore, features like Instagram Stories allow Realtors to quickly and easily post personalized daily updates on their listings.

Types of Content That Get Best Results

How Realtors Can Use Social Media to Grow Their Business

Knowing which social media platforms work best for Realtors is not enough, so let’s discuss the types of content that are most effective on social media. What’s great about how Realtors can use social media is that they don’t have to be timid about what they’re selling.
To gain the most traction from your social media marketing, you should have a diverse and varied content calendar that isn’t too sales-y. The last thing you want to do is barrage your followers with a constant stream of sales pitches.

Here’s what to post if you want to engage your followers and grow your business:

Spectacular Property Photos

The most effective type of content on social media for Realtors is visual. This is why spectacular property photos are an integral part of the social media strategies of so many Realtors. Not only do these eye-catching photos garner abundant “likes” and shares, but they will also prompt your followers to reach out to you. When you take a closer look, you will notice that these real estate photos are accompanied by written content “selling” the property with details for contacting the listing agent. To make your visuals really stand out, use Premium Instagram filters or create panoramic photos like 360 Facebook photos.

Success Stories & Testimonials

How Realtors Can Use Social Media to Grow Their Business
One of the main advantages that Realtors have from a major social media presence is they can highlight their success by posting stories and testimonials. Clients have an abundance of choice when it comes to a real estate agent, so the more proof you can show that you have plenty of happy clients, the better. This is why so many successful Realtors post photos documenting the story of a transaction that finally closes. These posts can create a form of social proof while presenting the personal side of your business. Whatever you can do to incorporate satisfied clients into your social media strategy can only help.


Aside from social media, any accolades and awards you’ve earned can also be used to highlight your track record in real estate. There’s no reason to be timid when it comes to mentioning your business’ achievements. Again, with so much competition in this industry, this can distinguish you from other agents to win new clients.

Home Tips & Upgrades

You can also keep your followers engaged between sales by providing content on maintenance tips and renovation. These are topics all homeowners are interested in, so feel free to post anything you come across that sounds relevant, interesting and innovative. This will appeal to multiple audiences and is a great way to highlight your wealth of knowledge.

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