How to Recruit Agents and Build Your Team

A business is nothing if it isn’t the people. Agents close deals, and it’s about having quality rather than quantity. Therefore, the recruitment methods of your estate agent firm are critical for success. With the introduction of technology and the fact that most people look online before contacting an agent, a USP has grown for agents; customer service.

Create Your Culture

So, how do we find people who will offer the right service and transform your business? Firstly, we recommend thinking about your culture. Who are you? Where do you want to go? How do you work? What culture is contained within the business name?

Without understanding the answers to these questions, how can you expect to find agents that fit? With each agent operating in their own way, it’s better to find the right agents as opposed to molding your business to the individuals. Create a culture, and make people WANT to work with you.

As an example, imagine the problems that will arise when a call-heavy team hires somebody who is accustomed to email. You’ll have to spend time and money on training, they’ll be annoyed because this isn’t what they’re used to, and the whole situation can get rather messy. We aren’t saying they won’t add value to the team, but it’s surely easier to hire correctly and avoid such problems?


Consider Specialization

Think about a hospital, do they have doctors and nurses that do a bit of everything? No, they aren’t performing heart surgery one day and then physiotherapy the next. When building a real estate team, we recommend following the same sort of specialization found in the medical industry. With each agent excelling in a particular area, the business becomes a well-oiled machine where everybody helps everybody.

If we think about listing agents and buyer’s agents, they tend to require different skills. While listing agents negotiate with several buyers and need the confidence to look after huge assets for individuals, buyer’s agents focus more on relationships. These days, all the information we need is online, so agents are contacted to open doors.

Again, this is another reason to hire exactly what you need rather than hiring and dealing with the consequences later.

Patience and Quick Decisions

This may seem contradictory, but there’s a saying in this field that we should hire slow and fire fast. At times, it might be hard to find people who fit in with the team, the vision, and the culture. Therefore, it’s important to not rush into hiring the wrong person.

On the other hand, make fast decisions once an agent is inside your team. If you have given them time and they just aren’t what you need, move on. In the long-run, this will suit you much better than holding onto agents for the wrong reasons.

With all the advice in this guide, you can build an unbeatable team and get a reputation as a reliable and valuable business in the community!

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