The Importance of Real Estate Dialers | Real Estate Dialer

Why a real estate dialer will become a real estate agent’s best friend! 😍

Real estate follows the same rules as any other business when it comes to generating good leads. In order to be successful, real estate agents need to generate a lot of potential clients in order to work with. And there are many ways to create new leads for your agency. You can work with lead generation companies who have built their expertise and know-how over decades into helping businesses find relevant customers and nurture them until they become paying clients

Running a full time real estate business can be hectic, especially when lead follow up calls must take place in-person at the office. Pause to get a coffee or grab lunch during the day? You’re missing out on valuable lead touches and are unable to keep productivity levels high!

Traditional real estate prospecting methods include driving to houses for open houses, making cold calls to people and door knocking. In other words, real estate agents get the word out by personally communicating with other agents or potential clients. However, with real estate phone dialers all of your prospecting can be done over within your CRM easily and quickly. Best of all your CRM will typically log the call and you can look back to see when you last contacted the lead to make sure you don’t call too often or not enough!

Automated real estate dialers is a dialer designed specifically for use in real estate marketing campaigns. It works by automatically calling up pre-written lists of telephone numbers which have been extracted from your prospect leads typically from the leads in your CRM. Dialers handle the mundane tasks of manually calling leads. They can be a great tool for decreasing the amount of time you spending dialing a lead. In fact real estate dialers increase production by 183%! Call more leads in less amount of time!

Calling leads can be a difficult job, but it’s possible to make the process easier. Real estate agents who use an automated dialer report higher success rates and increased productivity in their calls. If you want to get ahead of your competition by taking advantage of this technology, we recommend trying our real estate dialer system today! You won’t regret investing in this tool for your business.

If you want to get more leads from your pipeline, we can help. Ascend Lead Sites CRM includes a user friendly and affordable dialer for real estate agents. Sign up today or contact us if you have any questions about how our automated call system could work for you!

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