Increase Your Knowledge by Reading the 4 Best Blogs on Real Estate

Increase Your Knowledge by Reading the 4 Best Blogs on Real Estate

One of the best ways to becoming more successful in real estate is by becoming more knowledgeable. Unfortunately, most of the industry blogs keep promoting the same ideas or brands and don’t really give you any practical knowledge about the business.
Here is an overview of the 4 best blogs on real estate. They provide a wealth of practical information that any real estate agent can quickly put to use. They get their information from a myriad of sources, including other top industry blogs. Read these on a regular basis and you’ll be surprised by how much you’ll gain.

Housing Wire

The weekly blog is an absolute must-visit in our opinion. It really is one of the top real estate blogs, filled with in-depth information on major happenings in the industry. For example, Facebook and Twitter went nuts when NAR outlawed pocket listings. revealed the complete inside story. They always lay out the facts on the nation’s housing market, rather than repeat the agenda-driven nonsense that we hear about in the mainstream media.


It’s impossible to express how much we truly love Redfin’s studies and surveys. In fact, one of their latest reveals how much of an economic impact a new rail transit has on areas. Other studies dig into how much money agents make in the nation’s hottest markets and what the next generation of Realtors will be doing. Check out the Local Insights section for what’s happening on the ground in hyper-local areas. Find out which markets were named as the most and least affordable metros! Redfin publishes new posts on a daily basis, so you’ll have a constant stream of useful information.

The American Genius describes itself as a “strong news voice” when it comes to the entrepreneur and tech worlds. But it is particularly fond of the real estate industry generally and Realtors in particular. For over ten years, the website has been advocating for Realtors while providing exclusive insights into trends, best practices and other topics of interest. They also post very sharp editorials.
The Real Estate section of The American Genius is definitely a weekly must-read for agents wanting to make their mark. It truly is one of the top real estate blogs, but there is tons of other information on the site, so check out the other sections as well.
When you’re doing research online, don’t forget to verify the author’s credentials before you accepting their stats and the other information they’re providing.

The Close is an impeccably researched website and the blogs on its site have a distinct ring of truth. Emile L’Eplattenier is the managing editor and licensed New York Realtor. He lays out the facts and gives readers some sage words of advice. You’ll also love that he’s never one to mince words when it comes to his opinions.

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