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Power Dialer

Click to call leads quickly for effective lead engagement or text your leads for high open, read, and response rates!

Our Power Dialer and SMS texting is included with our Elite Plan.


Dialers Increase Prospecting By Over 167%

Reach up to 4x more prospects and automate workflows with our Real Estate Dialer!

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Cloud Based Dialer

  • Prospect smarter and simplify your follow up process with our Progressive Dialer.   A dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that runs through your calling lists across your campaigns at the agent’s pace. Using our Progressive Dialer, real estate agents can experience the benefits of automatic dialing to increase lead touch and maximize efficiency.

  • Delay free connectivity. Once you call your leads, start talking immediately with no awkward silence!

  • Our dialer is easy to use and agents have the flexibility to dial from anywhere!

Make 3x As Many Calls!

Decrease Your Workload & Increase Your Follow Up

  • Our dialer ques up your lead list and dials automatically
  • Dialer & CRM are integrated, so all logged notes are automatically recorded in your CRM
  • A dialer can call up to 85 leads per hour increasing and maximize your prospecting time!
Real Estate Dialer

Friendly & Easy To Use Interface

Easily Click To Call Or Text!

  • Dialer shows agents who they are talking to and provides them prospect history.

  • Quickly log notes manually or click on preloaded note to add to prospect history.

  • Text your lead while leaving a voicemail all in the same screen!

Connecting with your leads has never been easier! Check out our Dialer demo today!

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Real Estate Dialer & Texting Highlights

Prospect smarter with our Power Dialer & Texting Feature!

  • In a few clicks call leads, leave lead notes & report outcomes.
  • Call & Text quickly within your CRM!
  • Create a list of leads to call or text based on your filtered campaigns
  • Lead not answering? Send a text with one click!
  • All calls dialed automatically. Pause, continue or hang up calls w/one click