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Platform Features

Dazzling Home Page For Clients & Leads

  • Stunning and responsive front end design for your clients and leads to ensure they’ll keep Coming back for more!
  • Beautifully designed websites featuring Video 360° photos, HDR photos, and more!
  • Organic MLS/RETS Integration allows Our agents receivership of all SEO value!

  • With MLS/ RETS integration you receive Blazing updates as soon as MLSrecords are updated!

  • Over 60% of leads search for homes on their phones! Our websites are optimized for all mobile apps!

  • Provide a special offer!(Link here to the additional features page)

  • Differentiate your listings and provide a unique selling propstion(USP)

Meet InnovaCRM™

InnovaCRM: State of the art analytical and intelligent CRM. InnovaCRM tracks your lead’s behavioral patterns and identifies hot prospects. Features:

InnovaCRM Marketing