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What Our Clients are Saying

"I love the user interface and how easy it is to view lead details, text leads and follow up. My favorite features are the Lead Generation tools to create FB & Google landing pages and the dialer. Really the best Real Estate CRM out there hands down."
"I was a Commissions Inc & Real Geeks user for 3.5 years. Ascendleadsites Leads and its CRM blows them both out of the water. I love the dialer, video texting, and automated email campaigns! This CRM has all the bells and whistles of all the high priced CRMs for a fraction of the cost. You just can't beat it."
"I can multi task and juggle multiple tasks at once. All the technology is here and I love it! The blogs that are written for us are incredible and I post them to FB all the time. Awesome price, technology and tools are just all here. Really amazing."
Olga Panitch
Associate Broker

In the Press
"A robust real estate marketing and sales solution...."

"There is almost nothing not thought of here, and
a lot of what is is very well thought-out..."