Sales Teams Can Work Remotely from Home or Using These Remarkable Tools

Under current circumstances many companies are having employees work from home when possible. Many sales teams are struggling to find ways to collaborate effectively so they can still be productive during this time. When you think about what this involves in terms of meetings, emails back and forth, phone calls, live demos, reporting and tracking, this is a pretty tall order.

The good news is that there are some excellent tools designed for sales teams that allow everyone to easily stay in touch, continue being motivated and work productively together, while being monitored. Some of these tools can be configured together to further simplify data management and workflow. Your sales team can benefit greatly with the right technology. To promote connectedness and maximize productivity, consider utilizing the following sales tools:

Project Management

For any sales team to stay focused and stay on target, especially when working remotely, an effective project management took is vital.


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Here’s one that we can highly recommend for Realtors:


Basecamp is an extremely effective project management tool to keep sales teams organized, which is why it’s become so popular around the world. It provides team members with a comprehensive solution for keeping team projects moving forward in an organized manner. It does this by delegating tasks and updating everyone on the team’s goals.

The features that Basecamp offers are easy to use because they’re basically intuitive, including chat platforms, checklists, delegation, and scheduling tools. This enables project managers to break down large complicated projects into smaller tasks that can be easily managed and tracked. This way they can keep team members organized and on track from one easily accessed location.

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Sales Outreach

Engaging in-depth conversations, whether in person, via email, text message or by phone, are essential for driving sales. Communication is key to the success of any sales team and now that we’re in the digital age, people communicate on a variety of platforms. This means that your team members must be able to effectively manage all this while working from home and managers need a way to track all this from their remote location.

Here’s a tool that can effectively handle all sales lead communications and outreach:

Ascend Lead Site’s Real Estate Dialer

This is a technologically advanced prospecting app designed for sales teams and agents to effectively engage with more prospects in a lot less time. This app allows reps to phone as many as 80 prospects an hour and converse with four times more people. Team leaders can set it up to automatically distribute the leads to team members. They can also monitor and track calls, conversations, talk time, voicemails, emails and more.


Ascend Lead developed this tool for making sales calls, however their Real Estate Dialer incorporates email and text messages as well. This gives agents the ability to send the appropriate email after each call with just 1 quick click. Ascend Lead offers free onboarding, making it easy to incorporate all the program’s capabilities, including lead distribution, voicemail drop, texting/SMS, reporting and more.

We recommend that all brokers take advantage of Ascend Lead’s dialer. This alone can save your sales team a lot of wasted time by streamlining their communication processes.

Video Conferencing & Sales Demos

All sales teams can certainly benefit from video communications, especially when working remotely from home. Just having the ability to join group voice calls at the drop of a hat is incredibly helpful. Video conferencing and screen-sharing allows members to connect and collaborate together on closing deals, and who wouldn’t want that?five person on the conference room

The following tools can take your communications to the next level:

G Suite

G Suite gives sales time an effective video and voice calling platform they can use whether they’re on their desktop, laptop, or mobile device. G Suite’s conferencing app, Google Meet, lets you conduct calls with as many as 100 people while sharing your screen with all other team members. It also lets team members decide whether they want to join in on the video call or just through voice.


Zoom has become incredibly popular these past few months with so many people stuck at home, either going to school or working remotely. Zoom is a video conferencing platform that is both robust and very user friendly. Their video and screen-share applications are free to users on Zoom’s lowest tier, and if you need more capabilities, you can get them on higher tiers. Zoom offers an affordable solution for live face-to-face conversations, webinars, sales demos, and other presentations. It also allows users to record their sessions so they can share them with an even wider audience. This gives them more tools to engage, educate and ultimately convert sales prospects. macbook air displaying woman in white shirt

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft developed Microsoft Team as a collaboration platform that allows team members to chat, have video conferences, share files and screens and a whole lot more. To make things even easier, it can be used from any location on nearly all compatible computers or mobile devices. This gives members a user-friendly interface that keeps them in touch with one another and streamlines their communication and collaborative efforts.

Visual Collaboration

Fortunately, there are some excellent visual tools that can effectively facilitate visual collaboration among team members working remotely. When you’re all working in the same office you can work side-by-side on a project, whether you’re designing something or working on a visual display or project.

When you’re working from home, team members need some specialized tools, such as the following:


Loom is a great tool for spontaneous explainer videos, problem solving and other team interactions. There is no need to write a lengthy email when you can get your point across 5 times faster by talking. We’ve all heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, what about a video? Loom will let you record audible or even silent videos of your screen, which enables you to share them with others. This way you can create tutorials and if you’re having technical issues you can record them for later analysis. So, Realtors can create client demos and tutorials very easily and seamlessly.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM systems are software programs are designed to store contacts, their data, and the interactions you have with them. They help sales people communicate with their customers and clients, follow up with leads, keep notes and a running history of all activity, better manage their pipeline by streamlining processes and in the end, increase profitability.


Every Realtor whether you’re on a team or running your own business, needs an effective CRM that enables them to work from home, in the office or on the road. Here are 4 that we can recommend:

Ascend Lead Sites, Boomtown, CINC Pro, & Real Geeks

An effective CRM is invaluable, especially when you’re working from home. It is acts as the center of all interactions with contacts. The best CRMs are cloud-based, which allows you to effectively work with your sales team remotely. You may need to customize some of the features to accommodate your team’s remote setup. But now would be a good time to explore how well your CRM is tracking leads.

If you don’t already have a CRM, it’s time you looked into this for your business. The CRMs listed above in the heading are specifically designed for the real estate industry. We recommend that you research these four and perhaps others, talk with reps from each one, and test a few before deciding which one would work best for your business.

Efficiency is Vital When Working Remotely

Working from home can be very challenging for sales teams trying to coordinate their efforts. The sales tools discussed above are extremely effective in streamlining workflows and boosting productivity. This allows managers to ensure ongoing success while everyone is working remotely. We recommend that you look into the resources we’ve listed to see if they would suit your needs.

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