Real Estate Text Message Marketing

Text messaging for real estate agents is one of the best marketing tools. Send texts, video text or texts with listing photos to your prospects quickly & easily!

Supercharge Your Response Rates

Texting has been proven to be an extremely effective marketing tool for agents. See how texting can increase your lead engagement!

  • Send an automated text after a new lead sign up & spark a conversation!
  • Quickly inform your leads and clients of upcoming market news or new listings
  • Send personalized auto-texts to your prospects within an Action Plan
  • Our texting platform includes the ability to send SMS or MMS (multimedia messaging service).
  • Easily send plain text or a listing photo within your photo and impress your clients!.

Complete Log of All Conversations

With texts sent right inside Ascend Lead Sites, the full conversation history shows up automatically, without additional data entry.

  • View your text history alongside calls and emails
  • Full history for team leads or coach agents
  • Complete text history of all agent responses to leads and clients
  • If you’re looking for text marketing for Realtors check out Ascend Lead Sites texting system designed for agents!

Real Estate Text Marketing

Communicate with your leads & clients the way they prefer — texting. Real estate text message marketing is a tool every agent in the digital era should have!

  • A local phone number will be provided to get more live answers!
  • Reply quickly with pre designed templates
  • Send video texts, SMS and MMS texts quickly and easily on the Ascend Lead Sites CRM
  • Include a text within an Action Plan & schedule your texts!
    Send Emojis with your texts! 😍🏡
  • Best text message marketing service for real estate
  • Real estate greeting messages can automatically be sent within 5 seconds of a lead sign up!
    • Text marketing for real estate is the modern way to communicate with your prospect, past clients and your sphere!
    • Engage your prospects faster with Texting! Your leads can text for info real estate. 
    • Real estate SMS marketing. Send texts quickly through your Leads Dashboard!
    • Real Estate MMS marketing. Send texts with video or listing photos and increase your response rate!
    • Texting is the preferred communication channel for today’s consumers. 85% of consumers respond to text messages within 30 mins or less!

    Spark conversations and increase your conversion rate. See it live on our demo today!

    Real Estate Texting Highlights

    • Quickly send and receive text (video, SMS, MMS) on the Ascend Leads System.
    • Send and view full texting history on your CRM
    • Create a list of leads to text based on your filtered campaigns
    • Lead not answering? Send a text with one click!
    • Send Emojis with your text! 🚀 😄