Facebook Ads or Google Ads for Your Marketing Campaign?

When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, it doesn’t get any bigger than the two platforms offered by Facebook and Google. Despite humble beginnings (and cheap clicks on Google AdWords), the industry is changing, and both require serious consideration. Fortunately, we have a short list of important considerations today!

Google Statistics:

In the Real Estate Industry Cost Per Click is roughly between $5-$7 in highly competitive real estate markets (Source: Wordstream)
Cost per click can be as low as $2-$5 per click in lower competitive real estate markets.

Facebook Statistics: 

Facebook ads create more ‘reach’ and impressions. Cost per click can cost roughly between .22 cents to .57 cents.

Other notable facts about which Marketing Campaign to choose:

Audience Size and Activity

Firstly, it’s fair to say both platforms have a huge audience; Google takes 3.5 billion searches per day while this same figure is 1.5 billion for Facebook. Immediately, you might think ‘well, the larger audience is on Google so this is where I should invest’, but this would be a mistake. Can your target market be found on Google? If not, it would be like putting up a leaflet for retirees in a skate park.

Therefore, you need to consider where your audience can be found and what devices they use too. Let’s not forget, around nine in every ten dollars in advertising revenue is thought to be generated through mobile.

B2B or B2C

Next, there’s a big difference between B2B and B2C services. For those who target consumers, Facebook would be your best option. Meanwhile, Google Ads is the winner for B2B services.

Why is this the case? In short, the cost per click (CPC). For B2C services, AdWords is expensive these days and you can expect to pay between $7 and $10 per click. Since B2C businesses can’t really absorb a high CPC, Facebook is a better option at under $3 per click.

With most B2B businesses offering a niche product or service, it’s better to target the lower section of the funnel which is why we prefer Google Ads. Though you will have to take the hit of a higher CPC, B2B businesses tend to have a higher customer lifetime value (LTV) and this makes up for it.

Before moving on, we should note that Facebook does have its downfalls for even B2C businesses. For example, those with expensive or niche products might be better off with Google.

Customer Mindset

Are you looking to plant a seed in the customer’s mind, or do you want them to take action and buy right now? If the latter, you want to get your name onto Google and ensure they see your brand name while looking for a solution to a specific problem. While Facebook Ads are good for exposure, they don’t lead to immediate purchasing decisions as much as Google Ads.

Targeting and Ad Creativity

As the final two considerations, how extensively do you wish to target and how creative do you want to be with ads? Facebook wins in both these categories since you have more freedom with ad formats and the advanced targeting options are quite amazing.

Facebook or Google?

Consider your goals, audience, budget, market, and what action you want the reader to take. If you have a lower budget consider Facebook first and get a feel for how to design and run ads. You can also go 50/50 and put part of your marketing budget into FB and the other into Google. If you see better quality leads in Facebook then focus more on that platform and vice versa!

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