Six Reasons Why Clients & Customers Don’t Return Calls

For every businessperson, there are circumstances that get in the way of providing the best possible customer service. And, one of the most problematic is when clients or customers don’t return your calls. When you can’t communicate with clients, there’s no way you can effectively do your job. Do any of these scenarios seem familiar?

• Your client had no idea a spot opened up in your spin class today because they never heard your voicemail.
• Your client didn’t call you back, so there was no way you could confirm their appointment.
• Your client filed their insurance claim late because your calls all went to voicemail.

There is one simple way to circumvent all of these problems and it’s by texting. Unfortunately, people do not return calls these days and that’s why leaving a voicemail that may never be heard is no longer an effective way to leave a message. There are a lot of reasons why people don’t pick up the phone, much less listen to messages or return calls. The following are the most common:

Your Phone Number Isn’t Recognized

How often do you get a phone call that you send straight to voicemail because the number is unfamiliar? Well, you’re not alone. People are too busy these days to have time to chat with some stranger on the phone. They’re also trying to avoid telemarketers or spam calls. If your phone has been ringing more often of late, you’re in good company. Current estimates are that nearly half of all incoming calls are spam. They’re extremely disruptive, and since the problem doesn’t seem to be improving, more people will simply avoid answering their phones.

People Don’t Bother Listening to Voicemails

Once a valuable technology, voicemail is now just one more notification on our phones to ignore. Even the latest mobile operating systems realize how much we hate listening to messages. This is why many have transcription features to let users see their messages instead. However, the messages are often inaccurate due to inferior sound quality and muddled voicemails.


Your Follow-Up Email is Unlikely to be Seen

Professionals commonly send follow-up emails after they’ve left a voicemail. The idea is to ensure that the message is delivered one way or another. This just adds another task to their day and it’s quite likely that the recipient won’t even notice it.

Emails can be quite powerful in the right circumstances, but it’s not necessarily the most effective way to make contact. We are all getting a flood of emails every day in our inboxes and most are promotional, newsletters, receipts, daily digests and etc. Emails often get ignored and are often marked as spam or junk mail. In fact, emails have an opening rate of 20% on average, so there is no point on relying on an email as your backup.

Clients Can be Forgetful

All of us are guilty of forgetting to return someone’s call. Wouldn’t it be great if we could depend on clients to set reminders for calling us back? We can only hope. But if you send a text, they have a reminder in the palm of their hand. Our text message screen displays all our current conversations at a glance. Since people text a lot more often than phoning or emailing, your clients can’t help but notice your message and can instantly send a response.


Clients Often Can’t Pick Up Calls at Work

When people are in the midst of their workday, it’s often impossible for them to pick up personal calls. This is why texting makes so much more sense. It’s more convenient and far more discreet than trying to carry on a phone conversation while someone’s at work. Your clients can reply with a quick text, so you get the answer you need to move on with your day.

Some People Hate Speaking by Phone

Many people avoid chatting on the phone and simply prefer to communicate by other means. Some even have anxiety when it comes to talking by phone. Let your clients choose how they want to communicate. Before phoning them, send a text. Your flexibility will be appreciated, and your interactions will likely be more positive.

If Clients are Not Returning Your Calls – Try Texting Instead

You can get through your workday a lot more efficiently by offering your customers better service with a text instead of a phone call. Texts are less invasive, and they can get your message across more quickly and clearly than is possible with a voicemail. Texts have an open rate of 98%, so you can be sure that your message will be conveyed.

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