A Simple Strategy for Nurturing Past Clients

In all my years in real estate, the biggest missed opportunity I’ve seen is ignoring past clients. Although most agents realize the importance of staying in touch, they overcomplicate it in their minds and end up doing nothing. It’s like

Text Templates to Successfully Breathe Life into Cold Leads
Three Very Effective Lead Generation Strategies to...

Small local businesses are facing tremendous competition these days, with Amazon dominating online sales and Walmart devouring one local retailer after the next. With a highly effective strategy for generating local leads, you can compete. Most digital marketing strategies are

Six Reasons Why Clients & Customers Don’t R...

For every businessperson, there are circumstances that get in the way of providing the best possible customer service. And, one of the most problematic is when clients or customers don’t return your calls. When you can’t communicate with clients, there’s