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12 Ultimate Website Builders for Real Estate Agents In 2022 Creating a user-friendly and professional website is the first step to strengthening your online presence, especially if you have a competitive line like real estate. Out of the very few options

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The world of marketing is every evolving. We will dive into the importance of texting messaging and it’s role for real estate agents and real estate marketing What is SMS texting messaging? SMS texting (short for Short Message Service) is

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  If you go to Google and search anything involving real estate, your results will be huge real estate websites like Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com and etc. If you have an individual real estate website there is little chance of your

NWMLS Data & Ascend Lead Sites

Northwest Multiple Listing Service now on Ascend Lead Sites! NWMLS is the leading MLS in the state of Washington. NWMLS services 30,000 real estate agents in the state of Washington and serves between 28,000-30,000 active listings. If you’re a real

How an IDX Website Helps Real Estate Agents

If you’re just starting out your career in real estate, you may have an advantage over agents who started years ago. We are now living in a time when anyone with a smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC can quickly access

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For those who have been real estate agents for a number of years, you will have seen the transition into the digitalized world. From leaflets to websites, paperwork to online documentation, it has led to many improvements in efficiency. With

3 Common Mistakes When Choosing Real Estate CRM

You’ve finally decided to invest in CRM software, but what are the most common mistakes? Here are 3 real estate agents make when choosing their CRM. Poor training Incorrect data collection Wrong platform Poor Training: Many CRMs have some amazing

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You could have the best real estate service within a 100-mile radius, but this means nothing if nobody finds your business in the first place. These days, SEO is one of the best techniques for exposure and we have seven

7 Benefits of Real Estate CRM Tools

Considering a home is likely to be the biggest purchase in the lives of most people, it makes sense that the real estate industry is a personal one. Often, real estate agents are able to nurture a positive relationship that

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Though we may have seen advancements in the marketing niche, email marketing is still very much alive. Fortunately, it’s much easier than ever before thanks to automated systems…and we’re going to provide an insight (and some advice!) today. What’s Automated