It’s Time To Update Your RE Business Plan & Set Your 2020 Goals
It’s Time to Update Your RE Business Plan &...

Have you laid out your 2020 goals for your real estate business yet? We’re now into 2020, so it’s the perfect time to establish this year’s real estate goals. And part of that involves coming up with a marketing plan

3 Reasons to Join a Real Estate Team
3 Reasons to Join a Real Estate Team

When it comes to a career change, it can be an exciting yet daunting time. For us, we believe real estate to be a fantastic option. Whether this is something you’re hearing for the first time or you’re taking the

Tips for Creating Awesome Real Estate Ads

Back in the old days before the existence of the Internet, real estate agents placed ads for their listings in local newspapers, wrote their CMAs out by hand and added their listings into a giant MLS book that weighed a

How to Recruit Agents and Build Your Team

A business is nothing if it isn’t the people. Agents close deals, and it’s about having quality rather than quantity. Therefore, the recruitment methods of your estate agent firm are critical for success. With the introduction of technology and the