What Realtors Need to Know About the 3 Most Signif...

Green building is no longer a pie in the sky idea among granola-munching idealists – just the opposite! The residential green building movement is now flourishing. You can see it in newly built oceanfront homes in Malibu, to the sleek

Increase Your Knowledge by Reading the 4 Best Blogs on Real Estate
Increase Your Knowledge by Reading the 4 Best Blog...

One of the best ways to becoming more successful in real estate is by becoming more knowledgeable. Unfortunately, most of the industry blogs keep promoting the same ideas or brands and don’t really give you any practical knowledge about the

3 Reasons to Join a Real Estate Team
3 Reasons to Join a Real Estate Team

When it comes to a career change, it can be an exciting yet daunting time. For us, we believe real estate to be a fantastic option. Whether this is something you’re hearing for the first time or you’re taking the

The To-Do List That Will Get You Prepared for 2020

The end of the year is fast approaching and how successful you’ll be in 2020 can largely depend on what you do in the next couple of months. There are 6 priorities to focus on if you want to be

A Simple Strategy for Nurturing Past Clients

In all my years in real estate, the biggest missed opportunity I’ve seen is ignoring past clients. Although most agents realize the importance of staying in touch, they overcomplicate it in their minds and end up doing nothing. It’s like

Foolproof System for Getting 5-Star Reviews &...

These days when people think about buying something, it could be anything, the first thing they do is go online and look at the reviews! We’ve all done it a million times, whether it’s for a product or service. If

How to Recruit Agents and Build Your Team

A business is nothing if it isn’t the people. Agents close deals, and it’s about having quality rather than quantity. Therefore, the recruitment methods of your estate agent firm are critical for success. With the introduction of technology and the