Text Templates to Successfully Breathe Life into Cold Leads

You can revive a cold lead and return it to your sales funnel using these 6 tried-and-true conversation starters. Conversing with a cold lead can seem a little like talking with someone you meet on a dating app but have never met in person. You were initially attracted because both of you swiped right, but it never went anywhere from there. Why?
The difference here is that this is a potential client, someone who was once interested in receiving more information but hasn’t acted on it. So, how do you penetrate their indifference without seeming to pressure them? You’re going to have to walk a fine line, but we can help you write the perfect message to rekindle those cold leads.

Text Templates to Successfully Breathe Life into Cold Leads

Types of Messages That Can Revive Cold Leads

We recommend sending text messages to contact cold leads, and this is why. First of all, a text is more personal and far more likely to be read and less apt to be ignored or deleted. Secondly, a text is not a high-pressure approach, like a phone call that demands an immediate response, and not answering is that response. Third, texts are short and sweet, which works best when reaching out to a cold lead. And lastly, texting works! The track record of text messaging shows that they increase conversion rates by up to 328% if they’re primarily used as follow-ups.

Text Templates To Successfully Breathe Life Into Cold Leads
When texting a cold lead, the type of message that works best is:
• Short and sweet
• Specific
• Non-threatening
• Timely

The lead should be clearly told why you’re contacting them now, what it is you want and what they will get out of it. If that seems like a tall order for a short text, it may be because you need to find something to focus on.

Below we’ve listed 6 different approaches you can take with a cold lead. There is no one-size-fits-all way to do this, but you can personalize each type of message to fit that lead. If you need help you can find it at SimpleText.com.

1. Ask a Simple Question

When reaching out to a lead that you’ve not communicated within a while, do not approach them with a sales pitch. Your goal here is to get a response from them. And there is no better way to instigate this than by asking a simple question.
“Hi Alex, this is Brett from XXXRealty. It’s been some time since we’ve been in touch and I wanted to find out how that caffeine-free energy drink worked. Did it really give you more energy?”

2. Confirm Contact Information

Would you like to ask a question, but can’t figure out what to ask without more information? Just introduce yourself and ask to verify their contact information. This gives you a chance to segue into asking additional questions that may uncover why they haven’t reached out to you or your business.
“Hi, Jonathan! Our XXXRealty team noticed your birthday was approaching! We wanted to verify your address so that we could send you a surprise on your birthday!” Please confirm your mailing address.

3. Repeat an Offer that Worked Well Initially

After initially getting a good response from an offer, have some of those leads gone cold? An effective way to resurrect those cold leads would be by making that same offer again. However, you may want to add something enticing to encourage them to convert.
“Phillip, several months ago you were searching for the top developments in the Newport Mesa School District. Would you like us to narrow that down to the 10 top homes on the market in your price range?”

4. Make Sure They’re Getting Your Messages

Text Templates To Successfully Breathe Life Into Cold Leads
There’s always the chance that a lead went cold because for some reason they are no longer receiving your messages. The simplest way to reengage would be to touch base to find out if that’s the case. If not, you can gather some information to determine why they stopped responding.
“Sarah, this is Joan from XXXRealty. I wanted to reach out to see if you’re still getting our emails?”

5. Offer a Solution to a Past or Present Problem

One way to grab the attention of your lead is by providing them with a solution to a problem you know they’ve been dealing with. Make sure you end with a question, so they’re more likely to text you back.
“Hey Gina, it’s Jack from XXXRealty! I remember your frustration at the availability of so few homes in your price range, would you like me to see what’s listed now in the neighbourhoods you mentioned?

6. Mention a Common Connection

You can effectively breathe life into an old business contact by mentioning something or someone you both have in common. It could be a common goal, friend, business associate, vendor, etc. By bringing up your commonality it makes it more difficult to ignore your message.

Text Templates To Successfully Breathe Life Into Cold Leads

“Hey Josh, it’s Tom from XXXRealty! I saw Fran today at Starbucks and she mentioned that you might be moving this way. Are these your plans? (Don’t text this unless you really saw Fran at Starbucks and she said this.)
Once you’re ready to tackle your cold leads, the last recommendation we have for you is to make sure they pass the AIDA test: Attention – Interest – Desire – Action.
You want your message to grab their attention and generate interest by expressing your desire for their business while asking them to take some action by responding to your text.

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