Tips for Creating Awesome Real Estate Ads

Back in the old days before the existence of the Internet, real estate agents placed ads for their listings in local newspapers, wrote their CMAs out by hand and added their listings into a giant MLS book that weighed a ton. The Internet has changed everything, so now it’s a whole new ballgame. This article will explain how to create the most inspired and effective ads using the tools now available to us in the digital age:

How to Create Highly Effective Real Estate Ads

By harnessing the power of the Internet, you have the ability to reach an audience of thousands with the click of your mouse. But just because you no longer have to place newspaper ads and pray that you get a response, doesn’t mean the game is any easier to play now than it was two decades ago. The truth is that with so many more options, advertising decisions have become even more complex. With so much competition vying for ad space, the price keeps going up. Realtors are under so much pressure to get as much exposure as possible out of every ad campaign. So, they better have an amazing story to tell.

How to Create Highly Effective Real Estate Ads

Elements of a Powerful Ad

Let’s consider the elements making up our very favorite movie of all time. When we think back on watching it for the first time it probably made us laugh, cry and jump for joy more than all the others. It tapped into our emotions. A powerful ad is designed to engage and connect emotionally. To create such an ad, you need to first place yourself in the shoes of potential viewers. Beyond that, you need to keep a few other things in mind:

Great Ads Have Big Goals

Think about what you’ll need to reach your business goals. Do you need more web traffic? More leads? Or, is your goal to become the top agent in your office? It’s well known that 70% of people end up hiring the first agent they reach out to. How can you position yourself to get that first call? What steps would it take?

Great Ads Have Big Goals

Ad Campaigns Need a Realistic Budget

Even Pepsi knew how much they should spend before approaching Britney Spears. Getting too carried away before knowing your numbers can blow through your ad budget and destroy your ROI. Remember, there is no need to spend a fortune to make a huge impact. The elements of authenticity and simplicity, used in combination can make a powerful ad. Don’t lose sight of this.

Effective Ads Know Their Audience

Before doing anything else, get to know your target audience. Do your research so you can figure out not only who they are, but what type of agent they’re looking for and how to make them feel confident about working with you.

How to Get Real Estate Leads

Powerful Ads Tell a Captivating Story with Eye-Catching Images

Great ads convey a powerful message with top-quality eye-catching images. HageyMedia founder, Paul Hagey says, “Combining great ad copy with powerful images is the only way to convey your message in a manner that consumers will get your point at first glance.” We all know how powerful real estate photos can be and the fact that homes with top-quality professional photography get sold 32% faster. Make sure that all your photos have been professionally taken because smartphone images will never do.

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