Use Videos in Your Real Estate Business During These Trying Times

The global health crisis has disrupted nearly every industry across the world, including real estate. Realtors have had to adjust their daily activities to protect themselves and others and are increasingly depending on the digital realm. While this may be challenging, there are opportunities as well.
Real estate has traditionally been a people business, primarily made up of relationships. Realtors are at their best networking, shaking hands, doing home tours and being front and centre in their community. So, it is no easy task having to move these types of interactions to the virtual realm.
However, real estate more than a lot of other industries is used to adjusting. Technology has clearly made everything easier for both Realtors and clients and it continues to offer opportunities right now. It’s important that you continue to put your time and energy into marketing your business so that you can come out on top when this ordeal is over.

The Value of Using Video

We’re not telling you anything you don’t already know. Video is critically important for a business to thrive and hopefully, you’re already using it in your business. If not, you need to jump on board now to increase your digital presence at this time.
Here are the numbers:
• By placing a video on your landing page, you can increase your conversion rate by 80% or more.
• Videos on social media are shared 1,200% more times than images and text combined.
• More than half of marketing experts worldwide say video content generates the best ROI.
• Initial emails that include a video receive a 96% higher click-through rate.

What to Share

Use Videos In Your Real Estate Business During These Trying Times

If you’re not sure what type of content to share with your clients and community during this time, you’re in good company. We recommend that you be upfront, human, honest and helpful. What buyers and sellers are looking for right now are reassurance and educational information. The last thing anyone wants is a sales pitch. But guidance is always helpful – even if they won’t use your advice until 6 months from now.
We recommend that you stay abreast of the shifting market using resources like HousingWire, Inman News, Keeping Current Matters, Tom Ferry and the National Association of Realtors. Continue to stay on top of everything in your local market and be prepared to answer questions.

Types of Videos We Recommend Now

• Advice for buyers and sellers
• Community/neighbourhood guides
Email videos with personal messages
• Housing market updates
• How-To Tips
• Listing presentations
• Live Q&A sessions
• Local insights
• Virtual open houses and tours

Tips for Making Great Videos

Use Videos In Your Real Estate Business During These Trying Times

Before making your video, determine what you’re trying to achieve and who will be watching. Are you sending a BombBast video to previous clients in an email? If so, be warm and personable while speaking candidly and directly. But if this is going to be a webinar you’re hosting for prospective buyers, make sure you have all the data you’ll need and present yourself with warmth and confidence. On Facebook Live and Instagram Live you can be more relaxed and fun. Just remember to present your authentic self and you have great videos.

How to Make Them Even Better

• Be fun and authentic, speak naturally and without a script. Forget striving for perfection.
• Make sure you have good natural or indirect lighting, but not from behind and with no glare.
• Add captions because most people watch videos with no sound.
• Include a call-to-action (CTA). Ask them to go to your website, follow you on social media, subscribe to your channel, or etc.
• Make them short and sweet. You don’t want to bore your audience.
At the end of the day, no one has any idea how they should be running their business right now. We’re all in unchartered territory. So, while you’re stuck inside with little under your control, just think of ways to keep your real estate business moving forward. As long as you continue reaching out with helpful information and make yourself available to clients during this time, you’ll benefit when things get back to normal. Stay focused and have some fun making videos.

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