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RESO or Real Estate Standards Organization is the new standard of data transfer in the real estate world. It was designed to streamline MLS data transfer between MLS database and agent websites. Although RETS is still being used by many MLS’s and technology companies today, RESO Web API will soon be the favorable standard.

Why the change? While RETS allowed agents and brokers a more flexible solution for websites there were a few downsides.  One downside to RETS is that that the entire MLS database had to be duplicated onto a server. This data can exceed over 100gb and companies would need a rather large and scalable hosting plan.

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RESO Web API will allow websites to call data directly from the MLS database. So instead of searching for listings on a duplicated database, the  search will come from the MLS database directly. The advantages of this solution is the need for an expansive amount of memory/storage from your hosting plan and security concerns would decrease as the number of duplicated databases would be eliminated.

RESO Web API does not provide MLS real estate data and brokers and 3rd party companies will still need to request the MLS data. RESO simply creates the standard for the data, and other organizations build their technology based upon it.


Can real estate agents use the Web API?

Access to data from the RESO Web API will come from your local MLS. Contact your local MLS for required documents. Once you have agreed to MLS’ data use and policies, data recipients will work directly with that MLS’ software provider to receive access to that MLS’s data.

Why RESO Web API Instead of RETS?

Just like IDX was the standard, RETS is an ‘older way’ to get real estate data. The push to RESO Web API is coming and many technology companies will need to adapt. RETS still works for many applications and will continue to do so for a few more years until RESO Web API is fully implemented.

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