Why Real Estate Teams Deserve More Support from Their Brokerage

Teams often deliver the most results, but rarely receive the level of support they need or deserve from their brokerage. Teams generally have the highest sales volume, so they’re a vital part of any office. Teams are also growing by leaps and bounds, so it only makes sense for brokers to do everything in their power to recruit and retain the teams working under their license.

However, a lot of brokerages are simply not set up to supply the technology or support required by a team structure, including brokers who would love to. They are hampered by the fact that most of the tech solutions they provide are configured for individual agents only. This leaves teams struggling to figure out ways to effectively run their business. The result is that they must use their own money for all the necessary tools that aren’t available from their broker.

It can come as no surprise that many Realtor teams become so frustrated that they wonder whether they should move to another brokerage. Without the support they need, many teams begin searching for a new home, one with a broker that fully understands their value and is willing to do what it takes to get them set up for success.

The good news is that industry technology has shown massive improvement in recent years, which means that today there are some great solutions. We recommend Ascend Lead Sites CRM & Marketing System because it works great supporting both individual Realtors and teams, all on a single platform. Broker/owners can scale the platform to their specific requirements at every level, so they have control. However, they can also let their individual Realtors and teams customize the platform to suit their needs by creating their own private platform within the larger broker platform. There is no doubt that teams reap the benefits of being given advanced technological tools designed specifically to support them as a separate business unit.

What Do Real Estate Teams Need to Succeed?

Why Real Estate Teams Deserve More Support From Their Brokerage

Teams need more sophisticated technology, software specifically designed to support their particular business model. Here’s what forward-thinking brokerages should be providing their teams with, and what team leaders should be begging their brokerages for:
• A securely held private database for contacts
• Team driven and owned tools for generating leads
• Team lead-routing tools with accountability settings
• Team dashboard that shows performance data at a glance
• Team-branded website
• Seamless integration with the most effective 3rd-party team-driven tools
• Access to brokerage-wide tech solutions, like transaction management software, within a native platform

If a brokerage wants to help make their teams successful, giving them a comprehensive platform that effectively supports their business model is of primary importance. A perfect example is the Ascend Lead Sites Platform, which gives brokers and agents all the necessary tools, including a built-in module, which is designed specifically for teams. It provides critical tech tools just for teams and can be added onto any Ascent Lead Sites Platform.

Why Real Estate Teams Deserve More Support From Their Brokerage

It’s perfectly reasonable for teams to look to their brokers for the technology they need to help them grow and succeed. And brokerages should understand how important it is to provide their individual agents and teams with advanced tech solutions designed specifically for them.

When you give your agent teams the level of support they need and deserve, it will certainly be worth your investment. Brokerages with the foresight and willingness to aggressively support their teams by giving them “team-tech” solutions can effectively use this as a differentiator in their recruitment and retention efforts. Top team talent represents a substantial percentage of sales, so providing them with all the tools they need will only increase the bottom line.

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