YouTube Hacks To Rank Your Real Estate Video On YouTube

Video is important in today’s marketing. For real estate agent’s video is a great way to showcase your services, listings and highlight neighbourhoods in your local community. Video isn’t a trend. It’s here to stay and if you want to rank your video on youtube or your website, here are some awesome tips.

  1. Highlight your keyword. Use your target keyword in your video title. Youtube puts more weight on words that appear at the beginning of your title. For example, if the topic of your video is Top 10 Communities In Orange County, rearrange the title to Homes In Orange County: See The Top 10 Communities! Now when someone searches for homes in orange county in youtube your keywords will match and YouTube will weigh your video more than someone else’s!
  1. Video Tagging. Video tagging are the tags you can use to help describe your video to youtube. If your video is about a home in San Diego, you would add tags such as “homes in San Diego” “waterfront homes in San Diego” etc… Although you may think adding a dozen tags would help the search engines find your video, it’s quite the opposite. Too many tags will confuse the search engines and your video won’t be found! Attach 3-5 tags to your video and make sure to keep it simple and relevant to your video.
  1. Video Thumbnails. YouTube weighs in on click-through rate as an important YouTube ranking factor. If your video gets the above-average amount of clicks in the search results then YouTube is going to give you a rankings bump. How would you get more clicks though? One idea is creating a graphic thumbnail. The thumbnail is a screenshot of a part of your video and is the first thing you see in your search results. You can actually change the thumbnail to any photo you want. You can create a simple thumbnail with your brand’s colours and a photo of you or a graphic related to your video.
  2. Video Description: Another YouTube SEO tip is to create well-written video descriptions. The video description appears right below your video and explains what your video is about. This allows not only YouTube to better understand your video but also to your viewers. We recommend writing descriptions between 150-250 words. You can write small portions of your video content, enough to want the viewer to click on your video to get more information but not too much that all the information is present and they no longer want to click on your video.
  1. Increase Video Engagement Signals. Just like social media signals play a role on your website, signals such as shares, likes, comments and subscribes will play an important role in boosting your YouTube video too! Don’t expect your viewer to know these signals are important to your rankings. Make sure you put a specific call to action in your video and specifically ask your viewers on what you want their action to be. For example, you can say things like: “Make sure to subscribe to our channel for notifications on our new videos” or “Leave a comment”. You can ask before your topic begins or at the end of your video.
    To go even further make sure to design your thumbnail so that it stands out! Use nice colours that contrast with YouTube’s colour scheme such as yellow, purple, green, and orange. These colours will help your video thumbnail stand out and can help in bringing you more clicks. Another suggestion is to use big bold text in your thumbnail. Your text can be the subject of your video. Just like a blog, keep the title short, to the point and add some numbers to grab a viewer’s attention.  Don’t use too many characters or words though as the thumbnail is small and having too many words will overwhelm your thumbnail. We recommend a maximum of about 25-20 characters or text. to further your thumbnail graphic another great tip is to write a well-written title. you can add brackets or parentheses so that your title can stand out a little bit more. This should also increase your click-through rate.
  2. Suggested Video. If you have a video that is similar to another video that has a ton of views it would be great to be the next suggested video that YouTube pulls up. If that popular video has many views, take a look at their video tags. You can use the same tags that the video uses and when YouTube sees some of your tags match the tags from a popular video your video May come up as a suggested video after the popular video has been viewed and you can grab some views this way. Check out TubeBuddy TubeBuddy | The Premier YouTube Channel Management Toolkit which Well shows you video tags without needing to look at a video’s source code.

YouTube Hacks To Rank Your Real Estate Video On YouTube

  1. Video Length: Should you record Short videos are long videos? Research has shown that longer videos tend to outrank Shorter videos. Tina has shown that the average video on the first page of YouTube is about 14 minutes and 50 seconds long.  Why is this? Many years ago YouTube did say quote we focus on those videos are increasing the amount of time that the viewer will spend watching videos on YouTube” basically YouTube loves videos. Keep people on their website and watching videos for a long period of time.  So if you have a great topic try to make your videos between 10 to 15 minutes long. This will boost your ranking in YouTube search results.

There you have it, 7 Hacks To Rank Your Real Estate Video! If you’re interested in Video Marketing, check out Ascend Lead Sites Video Email & Video Texting.

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